Natural Fantasy Textures by Stephanie Young
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Natural Fantasy - A New Retexture Mod For ENB and Vanilla

Thank you for taking a look at my fantasy texture mod!

I designed the textures in this mod to reflect actual textures from where I live. I have taken pictures of natural tree bark, natural moss covered rocks, and natural grass and dirt from my yard, and converted them into textures. For instance...where I live, we have naturally red clay, which I think is absolutely beautiful, so I have converted some pictures of it as well.
And the field grass was completely hand drawn in Photoshop.

These textures are 2x the original Skyrim vanilla version.

EDIT: I made a default, vanilla size 1k version, and it looks really good if you are looking for a performance friendly version!!

Recommended Mods
Not required, but some are highly recommended

The main mod that I use to make the grass denser is "Lush Grass," which you can download here:

Also, I highly recommend "Wintertide - Fantasy ENB," as it makes just about anything look vibrant and beautiful...and just downright amazing! And here is a link:

And if you haven't downloaded, "Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting," you really need to!! Link is here:


Now, those are just the recommended ones. If you want an even greater amount of density in your grass, you can also try the mod, "Grass and Grass"

Also, you can put this in your Skyrim.ini settings, under "grass"

But I warn you, you must have a really high performance computer to render so much grass!
Also, if you are on a low end pc, you also might take a small performance hit just from these textures. So I can say that at least I warned you. ;)

Video For Natural Fantasy

Using the lowest quality texture package at vanilla settings, just to show the beauty! :D

So, I hope you all enjoy another silly texture mod from me! I'll be back soon to try my hand at retexturing my favorite armors from the Dragonborn DLC. Until then!