NGEC - Nightingale Elven Crafted Silver Mail by DizzasterJuice and JET4571
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Added: 08/12/2011 - 02:25AM
Updated: 09/06/2012 - 06:17AM

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Last updated at 6:17, 9 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 2:25, 8 Dec 2011

Nightingale Elven Crafted Silver Mail

New Standalone NGEC armor. Requires Elven smithing perk. Includes all 3 armor styles, boots, gloves, and the optional hood.

This is a replacer for female Nightingale armor as well, gloves and boots and optional hood.
New hood comming as soon as toolset is released (no facemask).
Edit: Recommended - Nightingale Maskless by Lord Haun:
Edit: New hood is on hold.
I will make this a seperate armor once Skyrim toolset is realeased in Jan. Added on 3/9

2/8 - NEW ADEC body by Acdale version at:


12/10 added version 1.1 - Now works in 1st person, female now has seperate boots and gauntlet texture from male. Corrected some minor texture flaws.
Added version 1.2 for main file - fixed transparency to correct nude swimming effect.
12/12 added hood and glossy environment mask map
12/23 version 2.0 - new meshes, added no cape version
1/5 added shorter skirt with no cape version
3/9 added standalone armor sets
3/10 Fixed standalone. Armor shouldn't cause a crash now

I'm probably not going to make a male version. This armor is just too feminine to adapt, besides, there is already that awesome Nightingale Prime for male characters.

***Note about revealing: This armor doesn't require a nude body mod but can be used with one if you want.
I used CBBE for these screenshots only but it is not part of this mod.
If you use Nude Females instead it will show some "adult content". You have been warned! :)

You may not use any of this file without my written permission.

Thanks to templar666 for figuring out how to apply alpha transparencies in nifskope
and thanks to Bethesda for another great game.