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Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long absence. I had a house fire and my gaming PC got destroyed. I've only just gotten internet access again in the last week or so.

Unfortunately, the PC I'm using for the moment doesn't have anywhere near the hardware needed to play Skyrim, much less use the Creation Kit, so I can no longer create or update mods. It will be several months before I have the money to afford a proper gaming rig again.

What that means is, this mod and all the others I've published here are now in their final state and cannot be updated again, at least not by me.

With that being the case, if someone wants to take over the mod and keep updating it and improving it, they have my blessing. Just make sure I'm credited as the original modder is all I ask.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it really couldn't be helped.


Allows you to craft Nord Hero Arrows at the Skyforge, after completing the Companions questline. Comes in two versions: Daedric-quality arrows, which is how Bethesda created them, and Elven-quality, in keeping with the theme of Skyforge weapons being equal to Elven quality.

If you download the loose files version, make sure you only activate one or the other.

These arrows exist in the game already, but nothing links to them except for a container in the developer's testing hall (which is where I discovered their existence). Bethesda created them with Daedric-level damage, which seems a bit overpowered to me, but I left that as the default option. The Elven-level option is probably more realistic.

To create a bundle of 24 Nord Hero Arrows, you will need 36 Ancient Nord Arrows and two steel ingots. They will be listed under the DRAUGR category and only at the Skyforge, after completing the Companions questline.

**Unofficial Dawnguard Patch users**

The Unofficial Dawnguard Patch also includes a recipe for Nord Hero Arrows, as of version 1.2.0. The two mods don't seem to conflict, but there are a few differences between them.
*This mod doesn't require the Dawnguard DLC
*The name of the projectile hasn't been changed in the patch, as far as I can tell (it had the wrong name originally)
*The patch's recipe is different and doesn't limit crafting to the Skyforge. At the Skyforge, two recipes will appear for the same arrow (this won't cause any conflict)
*Anyone preferring the Elven-quality version of the arrows will need to make sure to load this mod after the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch in their load order. The unofficial patches are all meant to be loaded very early anyway.