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based enb v121212
Official site of ENBSeries with updates

Finding the perfect setting for balanced visual with proper color has been my primary issue.

With ENB & realistic lighting features, you often get less visible range in open area.
Dungeon or night time can be too dark because there is no enough lighting, I would say it’s superb visual but not recommended for actual game play, some player prefer such realistic lighting but that has not been for everyone’s taste and I wanted to have brighter night or dungeons with realistic lighting features.

This is why I’ve spent weeks finding the perfect setting for the superb visual but also playable one for actual game play, had to tweak several ENB settings for a weeks and I finally got the point where it gets superb visual but comfort enough for actual game play.

As for the result, there wouldn’t be too bright spot or too dark dungeon commonly being found in regular ENB with realistic lighting feature, yet you will also experience much more vibrant colors though using this Mod, characters and landscape will be sharper than ever with various, realistic colors.

Designed specifically for the use with Climates Of Tamriel, otherwise the result won’t be not as good as I intended.

Pure skin tone

fixed illumination

Dungeons brightness

and Enhanced Landscape


1. Download and install Climates Of Tamriel

2. Download enb v121212 d3d9.dll file into your Skyrim folder.

3. Download VandB enb preset and open one optional folders in the same location as 121212 dll. (skyrim main folder)

4. Set value in SkyrimPrefs.ini


Thanks to
-Boris Vorontsov

ENBSeries effect file
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