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Added: 09/01/2013 - 07:11AM
Updated: 21/03/2013 - 05:06AM

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hello there, this is my second mod. i always thought that in the beginning we should get to choose either light or heavy armor, specially when you follow Hadvar during the Unbound Quest. the armors and weapons will all be in the Wardens Chest. i added a small extra, the table next to the Wardens Chest theres a medium coin purse. in the update i included one more sword and placed 2 daggers on the table.

Added Items
1- full light and heavy imperial armor
2- imperial bow
3- medium coin purse
4- 45 iron arrows
5- 2 imperial sword
6- 2 iron daggers


i added an optional main file. in the second version the heavy armor will be in the chest near the Wardens Chest. the imperial swords will be separated in both chests.

if you players would like to see the weapons hanging on the racks next to the chest instead of being inside the chest, well im going to need assistance from modders. so if modders wants to volunteer let me know in the comments.

hope you enjoy the mod!!!