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Are you tired of wandering around the landscape of Skyrim, where nothing ever seems to happen? Do you grow weary of exploring because everywhere you go just seems to be as empty as the plain you recently passed? Are you fed up of only seeing animals in the wild all the bloody time? Then Extra Encounters might be for you.



So what exactly does this mod do? It basically adds a whole bunch of lore friendly, levelled, randomised encounters to the wilds of Skyrim. These encounters all spawn in the same places you would expect to find your typical wild animals. My encounters are very similar to the existing random encounters that Bethesda has implemented, except that these new encounters are far less scripted and more common, but not so much that is has become unrealistic.

The idea of this mod is that it blends into the existing game. If I have succeeded, you should barely be able to tell the difference between my encounters and Bethesda's encounters.


There are four versions of the mod in total: Basic, H.S.R., Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

- Adds Skyrim encounters only.
- REQUIREMENTS: Skyrim with latest update.
- Compatible with all versions EXCEPT H.S.R. version.
- Compatible with all DLC.
- Steam Workshop Link
- Skyrim Nexus Link (look under 'Files' tab)

- Adds Skyrim encounters only.
- Encounters spawn more often than they do in BASIC.
- REQUIREMENTS: Skyrim with latest update.
- Compatible with all versions EXCEPT BASIC version.
- Compatible with all DLC.
- Steam Workshop Link
- Skyrim Nexus Link (look under 'Files' tab)

- Adds Dawnguard encounters only.
- Encounters DO NOT appear until after 'Prophet' quest has been finished.
- REQUIREMENTS: Skyrim with latest update + Dawnguard DLC.
- Compatible with all versions.
- Compatible with all DLC.
- Steam Workshop Link
- Skyrim Nexus Link (look under 'Files' tab)

- Adds Solstheim encounters only.
- REQUIREMENTS: Skyrim with latest update + Dragonborn DLC.
- Compatible with all versions.
- Compatible with all DLC.
- Steam Workshop Link
- Skyrim Nexus Link (look under 'Files' tab)


On the steam workshop, all you need to do is subscribe and the mod will download for you. Activate it under 'Data Files' and away you go. Should you want to uninstall, simply deactivate the mod (see the FAQ for concerns about loading recent saved games after deactivation).

If downloading from the nexus, you'll need to copy both the esp and bsa file into your skyrim\data folder. Uninstall by deleting them (see the FAQ for concerns about loading recent saved games after deactivation).


(for BASIC and H.S.R.)

- Encounters are now levelled (as they should've been before).
- Added encounters: Warlock VS Atronach, Vigilants VS Atronach, Disguised Vampire, Skooma Dealer, Rampaging Giant.
- Bounty Hunters and Thieves will only run at the player when you are within a certain distance.
- Encounters now have a 1 in 6 chance of spawning instead of a 1 in 5 chance.
- Other small, barely noticable changes.

- Encounters are now smaller and easier (but not by much).
- Bounty Hunters now wear levelled armor.
- Stormcloaks and Imperials will attack each other again.
- Encounters will now delete themselves from the world once the player gets far away enough. The only exception is the Disguised Werewolf.
- The stray dog (my dog, not Bethesda's) can no longer be recruited. Instead he just follows you around.
- New encounters: Giant VS Giant, Imperials VS Stormcloak Prisoner
- Other small, barely noticable changes.

- Bandit Wizards no longer spawn in encounters due to their spam of the fireball spell.
- New encounters: Courier, Thalmor VS Stormcloak Prisoner & Stormcloaks, Priests of Mara, Ice Wraiths VS Stormcloaks, Frost Troll VS Sabre Cat.
- Skooma Dealers are now named as Peddlers so as to be far less obvious.
- (My) stray dog changed to a tame wolf.
- Adventurers are now named after what race they are.
- Other small, barely noticable changes.

- Bounty hunters renamed as Mercenaries.
- Removed (my) Skooma Dealers & Priests of Mara.
- Encountered NPCs and creatures cannot be disintigrated.
- New encounters: Stormcloaks VS Elves, Adventurer VS Bandits, Imperial and Stormcloak Assasinss (only appear after the quest 'The Jagged Crown' is completed).
- Disguised Werewolves now delete themselves from the world like the other encounters.
- Other small, barely noticable changes.


SOME of the encounters you may come across include (but are not limited to): Adventurers, Bandits, Alki'r Warriors, The Companions, Werewolves, Vampires, Vigilants, Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers, Mercenaries, Giants, Assassins, Thieves, Peddlers, Farmers, Nobles, Wizards, Hunters, Couriers, Necromancers, and many more!!!

Note: All encounters are my own. I have not edited ANY of Bethesda's existing encounters and any changes mentioned in the changelog above are references to my own encounters.

COMPATIBILITY / LOAD ORDER------------------------


Mods that alter the 'levelled character lists' of the wild animal spawns in Skyrim may conflict. Note: dragon spawn lists ARE NOT changed - only animal spawn lists are.
- I have been informed that this mod IS compatible with: SkyRE, Skyrim Monster Mod, Immersive Patrols, Warzones.
- I have been informed that this mod IS compatible for some but NOT for others (may depend on load order) with: Skyrim Live, SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators.

Load order is not important, just keep in mind that the lower each version is placed, the more priority they will take over other mods.


Please see the 'COMPATIBILITY / LOAD ORDER' section on the DRAGONBORN page for more details.
- Steam Workshop Link
- Skyrim Nexus Link

KNOWN BUGS---------------------------------------

Very rarely you may come across an NPC named "I'm Gonna Fucking Die" (I kid you not). If you see him, please either ignore him or kill him. Again, this is a very rare bug.

Some players have been saying that they've experienced crashes to the desktop. If this is you it is MOST LIKELY a compatibility issue, and so I strongly suggest you read the 'COMPATIBILITY/LOAD ORDER' section.


If you have any bugs to report, please let me know in the comments.

FUTURE PLANS---------------------------------------

This mod is now finished. Future releases will only include bug fixes.


Q- If the Basic and H.S.R. versions are incompatible with each other, does that mean I should only have one installed?

A- You can have both Basic and H.S.R. installed at the same time, just make sure only one of them is enabled. If you wish to switch versions, simply disable one and enable the other under the mod list.

Q- Can you add encounters with Forsworn, Mudcrabs, Skeevers, and Slaughterfish?

A- No. I can only create encounters that would make sense no matter where they're found. For example it would be very strange if you came across a mudcrab in the middle of a plain, or if you found Forsworn too far from The Reach.

Q- Is this compatiable with (insert mod here)?

A- If the mod in question is not mentioned under the 'COMPATIBILITY/LOAD ORDER' section then I'm afraid I

can't help you - you'll need to test the combination yourselves. If you do test it, please let me know the results in the comments so I can add the mod to the list of compatible or non-compatible mods.

Q- If I uninstall this mod, will it cause issues with my recent saves?

A- I tried it and nothing bad happened. That being said, you should always backup your saves just in case.

Q- Can you make it that vampires and werewolves only appear at night?

A- At the moment, no. If I figure out how, then yes.

Q- TES5Edit says that there are errors with this mod. Can I ignore them?

A- Don't know, don't care. I do not use TES5Edit and as a result, I have no idea what it's complaining about.

Q- Can you make the spawn chance customisable?

A- No. Unfortunately my knowledge with the Creation Kit is only of an average level - I am unaware of how to create customisation menus. Also given how my encounters actually spawn, I doubt it would work anyway.