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Last updated at 1:05, 4 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 3:20, 9 Jan 2013

Version 2 here: Clicky

HDT's HH system, tested to work with Dragonborn:

Update: DO NOT install hdt's HH system with NMM. Drag and drop the files inside your "Skyrim" folder (not "Skyrim\Data") manually.


Update 1:

Content redacted.

For those still having trouble with the height, please post screenshots of before and after putting the pumps on, so I can see how much displacement you still need.

Alternatively, you can load up "Elewin Pumps.esp" in CK, go to "Spells -> Abilities" in Object Window, then double click on the ability called "111ElewinHeels".

In the new window, double click on the "HighheelEventTrigger" entry on the upper right, play around with the magnitude value until you no longer see clipping (higher the magnitude, greater the displacement).

After you have made the changes, save, go into game, trash all the pumps you have (since they still have the old magnitude value attached to them), and re-add the pumps via the console.

Or, deactivate my mod, go into game, clean save, then reactivate the mod again.

Alpha 11.1, REQUIRES SKSE 1.6.13, Skyrim 1.9.32.
- Added auto cleanup script for HH enchantment
- MCM options merged into main esp
- Added system stabilization options in MCM
- HH system no longer active when swimming
- Fixed a bug that causes HH enchantment to reset

Due to alpha 11's various API changes, users upgrading from previous versions MUST delete the following files, if applicable:


Alpha 11.1: Mega

Alpha 10.4, REQUIRES SKSE 1.6.9 (download the optional patched API for SKSE 1.6.11).
- Removed stabilization options from MCM, added those functions to core features
- Fixed a bug that could prevent global height reset
- Fixed a potential CTD bug caused by bad plugin
- Added warning popup for when the HDT system isn't correctly installed (version mismatch, etc)

Alpha 10.4: Mega (Requires SKSE 1.6.9)

SKSE 1.6.11 Patched DLL: Mega (Untested, but should work for the latest SKSE build. REQUIRES alpha 10.4, overwrite when prompted)

IMPORTANT: If you have used previous versions of the HDT system, please delete "hdtPapyrusExtensions.dll" from your "SKSE\Plugins" folder.

Alpha 10.2, REQUIRES SKSE 1.6.9 (download alpha 9.2 for 1.6.6, alpha 8.1 for WinXP).
- Core Update, removed the iThreshold ini configuration, moved the option into MCM.
- Improved the log system
- Improved height modifier options
- Rearranged the MCM menu (custom HH enchantment now in a separate panel)
- Added various new MCM options
- Fixed various SKSE bugs with the HDT system
- Added MCM options to fix the character bounce/stutter for run/sprint/sneak animations

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: Mega

API for SKSE 1.6.9 (REQUIRES base system from alpha 8.1/9.2/9.4), SKSE team's getting quite productive with the updates. 3 new versions in the past week...

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Alpha 9.4, REQUIRES SKSE 1.6.8 (download alpha 9.2 for 1.6.6, alpha 8.1 for WinXP), various MCM parameters moved to .ini file for easy access, fixed the character float bug when sequentially equip/unequip shoes with hh script, first person view no longer elevated by the hh script.

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

alpha 9.2 (for SKSE 1.6.6), fixed a long time displacement magnitude bug, but most existing mods will need to implement the new magnitude values.
Adds a new ini file (data\skse\plugins\hdtHighHeelNative.ini) to fix character bounce; increase the value of "iTreshold" if you have experienced character bounce with previous versions.

NOTE: You may need to play around with the height displacement settings after installing this version; during my tests, all the shoes with HH script got lowered by ~6 units. Otherwise this version works as intended.

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: Zippyshare
(Switched out 4shared since people have reported problems with that host)

alpha 9.1, fixed the bug of illusion spells affecting the height modifier; core update, fixed the problem of floating character during reload, fixed CTD caused by companions leaving the current cell when wearing shoes with HH effect.

NOTE: You may need to play around with the height displacement settings after installing this version; during my tests, all the shoes with HH script got lowered by ~6 units. Otherwise this version works as intended.

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: 4Shared

alpha 8.1, supports Windows XP; fixed the default MCM custom height value, changed MCM custom height range from 5-25 to 0-30, fixed bugs with character skeleton scaling, reduced system footprint, further improves performance and reliability:

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: 4Shared

alpha 8, UNTESTED, but according to the author, it adds further improvements to fix the bouncing issue, and improve performance:

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: 4Shared

Version a7.1, try this if you are still having problems with character bouncing up and down:

Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: 4Shared

[color=green]Problem with alpha 6's character bouncing up and down is now fixed with alpha 6.2, download below:

(Updated mirrors since MF and RS don't seem to work for most people)
Mirror 1: Depositfiles

Mirror 2: Netload

Mirror 3: 4Shared

[size=4][color=green]Here's alpha 6, with even more improvements and features. Download here: Link

Mirror 1: Link

Mirror 2: Link

The MCM requires SKYUI 3.0 or above. Download here:

(The system modifies the SKSE package, which cannot be hosted on the Nexus.)


Updated alpha5 with my translation. Download here: Link

Mirror: Link

Mirror 2: Link

(The system modifies the SKSE package, which cannot be hosted on the Nexus.)

My translation is by no means perfect; I had to guess/experiment based on the keywords to figure out the functions of each argument, but it will do for the time being...

Major Revision: v0.2

Completely revamped the v0.1 meshes to take advantage of HDT's high heel system. The morphs now look much more natural, will no longer require my custom skeleton, and will actually raises your character's height. See attached images for some comparisons.


1. Download and install hdt's HH system: hdtHHSystem (Outdated. Download alpha 5 above)
Backup your original SKSE installation just in case.
(The system modifies the SKSE package, which cannot be hosted on the Nexus.)

Original post by HDT here: Clicky

The end user do not have to worry about how the HH system works; just drop the scripts in your Skyrim folder and enjoy.

For modders interested in leveraging HDT's system, I highly recommend that you go and read his original post (link above).

Latest version of the HH system as of this post is alpha4, which adds a MCM configuration menu, but is in Chinese, which is why I still recommend that you use alpha3 from my mediafire link. Alpha 4 will work just fine however, if you are running the Chinese version of Skyrim.

2. If you are using my custom skeleton, you will need to replace it with one of the many standard skeletons (i.e. XP32's skeleton, ning's skeleton, etc). My custom skeleton will no longer be supported since this HH system offers a much more comprehensive and modular solution.

3. [IMPORTANT] Deactivate my v0.1 mod, go into game, clean save, exit.

4. Download my v0.2 package, overwrite my v0.1, go into game, use console or the item box by Bannerd Mare to re-acquire the new pumps.

5. Enjoy


A new HH system developed by HydrogensaysHDT at 3DM, Here

Couple of my own tests based on the new sysetm: T1, T2

Updated image section with couple of the comparison shots.

Several mesh-related irregularities have been reported and independently verified for the V1 pumps, particularly the over-extension of the arch and the concavity of the dorsum. I will NOT be providing a fix since the issues are not game breaking, and are beyond the scope of the very limited support I offer for my existing mods.

However, I have posted in the comments section ways to go about fixing these irregularities, and you are more than welcome to go and play around with the mesh as you see fit.


You may freely re-upload this mod, but you must leave all the files within the archive intact. You may freely modify my files for your personal use, but you MUST obtain my permission before releasing your work to the public. I still would like to ensure that all derivative works maintain a certain level of quality standard.



For those having trouble finding the chest in game, just add the items via the console:

Type in "help pumps 4" into the console, get the item IDs, and use "player.additem XXXXXXX 1" where XXXXXXX represents the item ID, to add the 3 pairs into your inventory.

The 3 item IDs are XX000D65, XX000D66, and XX000D67, where XX represents your load order.


This mod adds 3 pairs of pumps to Skyrim. They are fitted for the UNP body, and they work with the weight slider on both the normal and slim body presets.

This mod is not lore-friendly, though that's merely stating the obvious...

I am still working on getting my outfit mods to play nice with the standard UNP body and skeleton, so this is just an experimental release of sorts to test out body mesh compatibility with the UNP body. Feedbacks welcome.

Also, though I have managed to pack my custom UNP body mesh into the outfit piece and have made it to play nicely with the default UNP body (read: no seams or color variations), I am yet to figure out a way to pack my custom skeleton with the outfits, so it is HIGHLY recommended that you use the optional skeleton included.

The optional skeleton ensures that the heels don't clip underground, but your character will not *float* in mid air when walking on barefeet or with regular shoes.

Lastly, feel free to upload your own screenshots, so I may better gauge on how well my custom mesh works with the various UNP body presets.


Download, activate the mod, enjoy.

Download, unpack, place "Elewin Pumps.esp" and "Elewin Pumps.bsa" inside your "Skyrim\Data" folder, check "Elewin Pumps.esp" in launcher, enjoy.


In a small box at the entrance of Whiterun. I picked a small chest this time as to leave room for my future mods.

(See attached image for more details)


Simply remove:

Elewin Pumps.esp
Elewin Pumps.bsa

From your "Skyrim\Data" folder.



HDT for the awesome HH System