Targa Rocks and Mountains by Pannonian
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Added: 09/01/2013 - 01:30AM
Updated: 09/01/2013 - 03:09AM

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Last updated at 3:09, 9 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 1:30, 9 Jan 2013

Targa Rocks Mod is modifies the rock models to use a targa (.tga) texture compression instead of directdraw surface (.dds).
Using the .tga format for texture files seems to give more contrast to the texture as well as the normal map (bump map), making the bumps and cracks more visible, more pronounced.

The mod also includes several normal maps, (instead of 2 of the original game), to have various bump-effects on rocks and the hills. The mod may get modified more with newer ones, if I can come up with better ones.

Note: I'm using the vanilla textures (2) converted to a .tga texture. , despite what it may appear. Perhaps later versions will have a different texture. If you have the will, you may try a different one and see how it comes out! Just name it mountainslab01 or 02, and save it with a .tga extension. The meshes will not work with .dds files!

The mod is not compatible or will not work with any other mod modifying the mountain and rock meshes. This mod will either overwrite or the other mod will overwrite this mod, making this mod or the game cease to function correctly.


put data folder in your skyrim directory, so it asks you to overwrite your original data file. It will either create or put the /meshes and /textures subfolders to their appropriate place.

If you used Mod Manager, then it should have done it for you appropriately. It's easy to recognize the added textures, since they are in a .tga format, and as of right now, nobody else tried this yet, so installing/uninstalling should be super easy.

I recommend using the Mod Manager, if you happened to have more visual mods for the landscape, for ease of installing/uninstalling this mod.

There is no copyright on this, since it's the property of Bethesda, but anyone feel free to use the mod for any other mods or further modification, only asking for my name (pannonian) to be included somewhere in the readme ! :)

Have a pleasant time!