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Undilar – Male Altmer Pure Mage – Age 23 – Chaotic Evil

Undilar was born in 4E 178 in Alinor. He is from a noble family extremely rich and powerful. He soon showed both superior intelligence and great disposition to magic, and an inborn ability to violence and cruelty.

At the age of 12, he burns alive his nursemaid. His parents covered the story, bribing the good persons. Undilar fully realizes then that his family fears him. At 14 he is the unofficial leader of the family, he dictates the politics of his father.

He makes his family stop supporting the Thalmor group, he support their action to take power over all others races but do not believe that Mer are deity themselves and that world should end to retrieve their rank. He is himself agnostic and considers the Thalmor and many Altmer are religious integrists.

The politic isolation led his family quickly to ruin as planned by Undilar. At 20, when his family was at its weakest, he abandoned them and went to the continent, leaving the family’s manor burn behind him.

His reason for leaving was his quest for power; he wants to gain more and more power. The power to dominate and eradicate all who oppose him. To achieve this he wants to learn from all magic learning school and search for the more powerful magical artifacts.

After 3 years in the Arcane University in the Imperial City, where he learned nothing, he decides to go and join the College of Winterhold. But as he crosses the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim, he comes across an Imperial patrol and is taken prisoner.

Skills (by order of preference) :
  • Destruction
  • Alteration
  • Enchanting
  • Conjuration
  • Restoration
  • Illusion
  • He wears clothes, but he could use a Bound Armor

Goals and Ambitions :
  • He wants to gain more power and more influence
  • He will study any form of magic
  • Has no interest in Aedra worship, whom he considers weak beings
  • He is, on the contrary, very interested in the Daedra manifestation and artifacts

Distinctive marks : Burned Scar on the chin, he has a knack for setting things on fire.

If someone would be kind enough to correct my mistakes, I’m not a native speaker, send me a PM, thanks!

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Acquisitive soul gems
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I didn't list any retexture mod, but I use Book Of Silence aMidianborn retex by Cabal120

Thanks to all modders and Bethseda of course, I sincerely hope my story can help some people really enter into Role Play.