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Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of Order, has broken free from his demented other half for a day.
No he hasn't.
Why don't you take him along on your travels?
Because I'll go along too.
You can find him wandering around Helgen near a Chest of Light.
They're always attracted to shiny things, aren't they?
Yes, precious.


Not a Sheogorath clone.
Perhaps a copy, without an original.
A simulacrum, if you will.
Even if you don't.


Kill him.
Don't kill him.
Marry him.
Don't marry him.
Get the key.
Open the chest.
Summon the horse.
Where's the vendor?
Buy the rest.


Now, if you hit Jyggalag with the Wabbajack, he temporarily becomes the Prince of Order.
Does not alter your original Wabbajack script.