Summons Horse Named Triqa by Aji123 - Me
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Summons Horse Named Triqa For Your Transportation!

========How To Install=======
1.Just Extract The File
2.Copy & Paste SummonTriqa.esp To Your Skyrim Directories (Skyrim>Data)
3.Then Just Summons Triqa! Having Fun!

========How To Unnistall=======
1.Just Delete SummonTriqa.esp From Your Directories (Skyrim>Data)

1.The Book Conjuration Is Named Summon Triqa, In Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn, You Need Sneak To Put The Book
2.He Sumonable
3.He Located At Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn & Ready To Become Your Transportation
4.Cost Magicka 185
5.Aji123 Is KzRaItoN Okay!
6.Request Patch 1.8 So You Need Upgrade Your Skyrim

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Thanks To :
1.Allah SWT
2.Bethesda Softwork