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Added: 04/01/2013 - 06:30AM
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Last updated at 15:07, 8 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 6:30, 4 Jan 2013

NOTE: Use vanilla file if you don't have Dawnguard. Dawnbreaker Sun damage change is left as Fire.

This update improves most of the daedric artifacts. The goal is to allow these items to be more useful without making them overpowered. You can also fully improve all the artifacts at the blacksmith now. Each weapon's default stats should be about the same as an un-enchanted daedric weapon.

This update avoids making the Enchanting perks useless. You can still make a more effective weapon on you own if you want to use up your perks on enchanting. But each weapon artifact should have a unique ability that you can't make an enchantment for. And artifacts use up much less enchantment strength per attack. Player enchanted weapons should use up their charges much faster. This should give artifacts a role at any level without being overpowered.

Appreciate feedback, especially if artifacts seem overpowered or are still annoying to use.

Version 1.2.1


All daedric weapons set to 5000 enchantment strength (same as Dawnbringer default). Big upgrade for most weapons. Most weapons have reduced per-use cost as well. This makes artifacts less annoying to use than regular weapons without completely removing need for soul gems.

Most artifacts raised to 1000 cash value by default.

Most weapons and armor set to daedric weapon material type, to allow full crafting benefits.

Most weapon stats balanced with standard daedric versions.


Rueful Axe:
Game lore shows this weapon was a lycanthrope killer. Updated with this in mind. Default stats were weaker than any basic battleaxe, and appear to be a misclassified 1H weapon.
Increased swing speed (was slowest in game, now faster than daedric default).
Crit damage raised.
DPS from 11 to 17 (now same as daedric war axe).
Sounds fixed, from 1H sword to 2H axe.
Added custom 'poisonous' weapon draw sound.
Updated enchantment to magnitude 10 silver. This is half the normal bonus against lycanthropes and undead. Please note that this does not appear in the game text.
Updated enchantment to stamina damage 20.
Updated enchantment to poison damage 20 with 3 second duration.
Enchantment override set to 20. (250 attacks per full charge)

Game lore list this as the hammer of might. Changes reflect an ultra-powerful, super heavy weapon that staggers your foes. Removed drain effect as it doesn't suit the lore. But the new knockback effects are a unique alternative.
Increased weight to 33.
Reduced swing speed to 0.5.
Increase damage to 34.
DPS stays at 17
Increase stagger to 1.25.
Increase crit damage to 15.
Updated weapon sounds. Fixed some misclassified 1H sounds and added custom weapon draw.
Updated enchantment to magnitude 50 stamina damage.
Updated enchantment to area of effect stagger on hit.
Added 'debris flying' animation on successful hit.
Enchantment override set to 20. (250 attacks per full charge)

Mace of Molog Bol:
Game lore suggests this item is a vampiric life drinker. Molog Bol is patron of vampires as well. Updated with this in mind.
Adjusted speed down to 0.75.
Increased damage to 19.
DPS now 14, same as normal daedric sword. (Mace of Molog Bal is still slower)
Updated weapon draw sound effects.
Updated enchantment to magnitude 20 stamina drain.
Updated enchantment to magnitude 20 health drain.
Updated enchantment to 1 second Soul Trap. You have to kill a target with the mace itself to Soul Trap.
Enchantment override set to 25. (200 attacks per full charge)

Default values were the same as a glass sword. Updated to be closer to a daedric weapon.
Weight from 10 to 14 (Daedric default is 16).
Updated Crit Dmg from 6 to 7.
Updated Damage from 12 to 14.
DPS goes from 12 to 14.
Updated weapon draw sound effects to custom shimmering sound.
Updated enchantment to magnitude 20 SUN DAMAGE with Dawnguard.
Burn effect increased to 4 seconds.
Enchantment override set to 20. (250 attacks per full charge)
NOTE: Use vanilla file if you don't have Dawnguard. Sun damage is left as Fire.

Sanguine Rose:
Dremora summon duration increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
Enchantment override set to 100. (50 uses per full charge)

Added ArmorMaterialDwarven.
Increase spell ward to 75.
Add Magic Resist 20%.

Mod by ChromeWeasel / Pulsewave