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I was playing Skyrim as a mage and I thought it would be awesome if you could summon a giant
So I created a mod that lets you summon a giant (Costs 75 magicka)

Positive things:
Very powerfull
Level 82
Can't die
They will be permanently with you
If you have the perk Twin Souls (Not sure but I think it is that one) you can summon up to 2 giants

Negative things:
Can't summon a Giant in a village like Whiterun etc because of lack of room
They are too small to fit in dungeons
They will follow you but you gotta stand back quite far
They follow you slowly

For the new people:

You can simply install this mod by putting ''conjuregiant'' in C:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V\Data or where your Skyrim directory is located
If you don't understand that just right click on the desktop shortcut of Skyrim click properties and then open file location
Open the folder called ''data'' and put the file in there

You can find this Spell Tome in Breezehome upstairs infront of the bed

I hope you will enjoy this mod