Stormcloak Soldier - Ilfyri by Voraxith - AKA Grimnir
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Do you follow Stormcloak Soldier on Facebook? Have a bit of a crush on our lovely Nord admin Ilfyri? Well then, look no further! What this mod does is add Ilfyri herself as a follower to the game! You can find her in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, relaxing in between adventures. Will she prove to be a loyal companion in your journeys through Skyrim? That's entirely up to you.

She's a spellsword who relies on fire and her trusty Nord Hero waraxe, comes equipped with basic Sons of Skyrim gear, and will be very useful in just about any fight. She starts level 6 and levels with the player passed that. She's tagged essential, so don't worry about her going down easy on Master difficulty. I've tested her with Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii and works just fine.

Mostly I just made this for myself so I could have my best friend tag along with me in my game. Oh, how I wish Skyrim had a co-op option, but this will do for now. This is an initial release, and she's really just a basic follower. Other than an Apachii hair, everything is vanilla - even the voice. But if there's interest, I may be able to convince Ilfyri to sit down and record some dialog for a future update. We'll see.


You must be using the latest update (1.8 at the moment, I believe)
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii (She specifically uses the F33 hair)


To achieve her appearance in the screenshots from my game, I suggest the following.
Coverwomen by mrLenski (I use Look 2 with the seamless UNP patch)
Covereyes by mrLenski
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
UNP Female Armors by Exeter
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles (Be sure to use only the Cloaks.esp if you want her to start with a Stormcloak cloak)

A great big Stormcloak Soldier thank you to BravoOskar for their Easy NPC creation tutorial and to foretrenty for their Skyrim NPC Editor 0_75_1, both of which I used extensively to make this mod.

Be sure to come check out me (Grimnir), Ilfyri, and all the other true sons and daughters of Skyrim at Stormcloak Soldier!

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