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Simple Custom Controller Map

This is a map I made for myself after looking at some of the others here on nexus. This is mostly an expansion of the vanilla controller layout that adds additional hotkeys (8) and quick menus. This is achieved by using L1 aka LB for X360 users (Sprint) as a "shift" key to add combination options. It should be compatible with SkyUI.

This is the PS2/Logitech layout which I use, but it will also work for X360, since I use x360ce.exe to trick the game into thinking I'm using a 360 controller.

Vanilla controls
Move LS
Look RS
Left Attack/Block L2
Right Attack/Block R2
Activate AB
Ready Weapon XB
Tween Menu BB
Toggle POV R3
Jump YB
Sprint L1
Shout R1
Wait Sel

Sneak Start (moved from L3)
Favorites L1+Sel
Hotkey1 DL
Hotkey2 DU
Hotkey3 DR
Hotkey4 DD
Hotkey5 L1+DL
Hotkey6 L1+DU
Hotkey7 L1+DR
Hotkey8 L1+DD
Journal L1+Start (moved to accomodate Sneak)
Quick Inventory L1+BB
Quick Magic L1+XB
Quick Map L1+AB

I don't like hitting L3/R3, hence the Sneak move. I found myself hitting Sprint + YB intending to jump, but it would open the stats menu fairly often instead, so I did not put in Quick Stats as that menu isn't used as often as the others.

If you want Quick Stats on L1+YB, change this line:
Quick Stats 0x35 0xff 0xff 1 1 0 0x908

to this:
Quick Stats 0x35 0xff 0x0100+0x8000 1 1 0 0x908

Use NMM. If you're not you know what to do with a folder called "data".

Version History
0.91 - Fixed favorite menu
0.9 - Initial Release
I don't consider this 1.0 just yet since I haven't had a ton of testing time with it after I made some changes to accommodate the upcoming SkyUI 3.0. While I don't see any obvious problems, please post if you find something not working right.