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Aurora Doomstone Package 1.04
Discover the Doomstones of Skyrim all over again.

Aurora replaces the default Doomstone (standing stone) effects with tactical and interesting new powers and abilities. Each Doomstone comes with one ability (passive bonus) and one active power, adding up to 13 Doomstones. Most powers and abilities use custom graphics and are heavily scripted.

The mod also comes with a book outlining the different Doomstones and their effects, and fixes a couple of Doomstone related bugs in the default game.


The Apprentice
Ability: Reckless Magic
Spells are cheaper to cast, but you lose Health each time you cast a spell.
Power: Doom
(1/Day) Reduces the armor and magic resistance of all nearby targets and you.

The Atronach
Ability: Corrupted Arcana
Spells are more powerful and cheaper to cast, but you cannot regenerate Magicka.
Power: Blood Sacrifice
(At will) Sacrifice points of Health and replenish Magicka based on missing Health.

The Lady
Ability: Lunar Familiar
You have a spirit cat familiar that fights for you and respawns when destroyed.
Power: Eclipse
(At will) Briefly shift out of phase, causing incoming attacks to pass through you.

The Lord
Ability: Blood of Kings
You take reduced damage at high Health, but increased damage at low Health.
Power: Kneel or Be Knelt
(1/Day) Repeatedly smashes nearby enemies into the ground while damaging them.

The Lover
Ability: Undying Love
Once a day, you are resurrected when you take a killing blow from an enemy.
Power: Lover's Kiss
(1/Day) Charms a living target to fight for you for a long time.

The Mage
Ability: Gates of Aetherius
Grants a chance to replenish some Magicka each time you cast a spell.
Power: Manacaust
(At will) Increases spell potency but drains Magicka at an accelerating rate.

The Ritual
Ability: Rebirth
When you leave combat, all nearby corpses are resurrected under your control.
Power: Life Pact
(1/Day) Equalize the Health percentages of you and your target.

The Serpent
Ability: Star Curse
You have increased Health, but cannot regenerate Health and take gradual damage.
Power: Serpent's Hiss
(1/Day) Deals massive poison damage to a target and lifts the negative aspects of the curse.

The Shadow
Ability: Moonshadow
Sprinting grants a short duration invisibility boon. Only works while in combat.
Power: Ghost Step
(At will) Teleport behind the target for a backstab or dodge.

The Steed
Ability: Hellride
Increases run speed, especially when out of combat.
Power: Recall
(At will) Place a recall marker on the ground, or teleport to a previously placed marker.

The Thief
Ability: Coup De Grace
Weapon damage is doubled against low health targets.
Power: Blood Money
(1/Day) Gamble some of your gold on the death of a target, receiving payout depending on its Health.

The Tower
Ability: Tower Key
Open a strong lock once a day, and open weak locks at will.
Power: The Dungeon
(1/Day) Banishes nearby targets to another plane for a short time. Does not provoke hostility.

The Warrior
Ability: Momentum
Become resilient to all damage for a short time upon initiating combat.
Power: Star of the West
(1/Day) Inverts your Health, Magicka and Stamina percentages.

Compatibility notes
  • Not compatible with mods that change the scripts on the Doomstones themselves, should such a mod actually exist.
  • Compatible with mods that implement spell scaling.
  • Compatible with mods that modify terrain.
  • Compatible with mods that add birthsigns.

Does it work with SkyRe?
Yes, provided you disable SkyRe's own Doomstone module ("Standing Stones").

The mod can be uninstalled with no issues, but for a clean save file it is recommended to switch to a sign that is not the Apprentice, Lady, Lover, Mage, Ritual, Shadow or Warrior before uninstalling the mod. It makes only a small difference either way.