SkyRe Redone - Realism Tweaks for Armours and Weapons by Xyloritus
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Added: 02/01/2013 - 07:07PM
Updated: 07/03/2014 - 12:31PM

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Last updated at 12:31, 7 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 19:07, 2 Jan 2013


Changed mod name. ''SkyRe ReProccer XML Realism Tweaks'' is now ''SkyRe Redone - Realism Tweaks for Armours and Weapons''

Changes (v0.8)

Applied most balance and realism changes from my old xml. Fixed low diversity of stats of materials. Fixed wrong power values of materials (for example silver was same as steel which is obviously wrong). Fixed unrealistic weapon speed and attack power. Fixed some of the armor materials. Need to work on arrows now. Enjoy and please comment.

I won't post full changelog because almost every material, weapon, armor is edited. But no drastic changes, only some diversity and realism tweaks.

I love SkyRe but after some time I got bored with small diversity of stats of weapons, armors and materials. Thanks to ReProccer I was able to check the values and I saw some illogical stuff like overpowered maces and daggers or iron better than ancient nord (why something made by the ancient nords should be weaker than any iron stuff made by common smith?) or crossbow so powerful that can kill anyone with one shot without training. Sabers are lighter than scimitars therefore should be weaker and faster and in SkyRe they have no differences.

This is my edited xml for Skyrim Redone patcher based on Balbor's XML config. I've tweaked values of all vanilla and 3rd party weapons from selected mods to have more diversified and realistic damage rating and attack speed. Tweaked some materials power as well so now it makes difference if you fight using silver, steel or iron etc. Armors have some tweaks to be more diversified. It makes the game really interesting an challenging. It's still 'work in progress' so please share your thoughts.

Recommended difficulty: adept or higher.

Supported mods:
-Immersive Weapons
-Immersive Armors
-Omegared99 Armor Compilation (without weapons cause imho they are ugly)

-Just drop it in SkyrimDataSkyProc PatchersT3nd0_ReProccerReProccer
and run ReProccer. Run ReProccer esp at the end of the load order.

-Replace with default preset and run ReProccer


-Latest JAVA

-Skyrim Redone:

-SkyRe ReProccer

Credits for the core preset go to Balbor and Steelsouls
and big thanks to T3nd0 for a great mod!