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Nx9 Project: 9 new unique bows: PRESENTS: Nx3

Here's a gift for all of you that play TES Series and Skyrim. This is exclusive New year's release for all of you! :)

MOD name: Yogmir the King's Bane
Support: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / v. 1.6, 1.7, 1.8...+ Compatible with any other mod
Category: Bow
Published: 1.1.2013.
Style tags: Royal bow, bow

History: This bow once belonged to the mighty king Jorunn who used it in many battles he fought and won.

Install: Extract data folders ( mesh/texure/ESP ) from the rar file to you Skyrim data folder.
Enable Yogmirthekingsbane.esp in the Data files when you start the Skyrim Lauches.

Uninstall: Delete my files from your Skyrim data folder.

Location of the bow: Craftable at any forge under the Glass section.

Bow stats: Each strike with an arrow has a small chance to instantly kill the target.
This weapon also has the power to deal 40% more damage to the undead. Weapon's inner power
releases magic power,so that each hit with an arrow on the target causes freezing pain,
which deals 20 points of damage.
18 base damage and 10 crit base damage.

Materials required to craft it: Moonstone ingot x2
improve it: Iron ingot x1

For details read: Read me in the downloadable file.

PERMISION: Do not re-upload this mod anywhere nor do changes to it and upload it then. Ask for permission first.

Thank you for downloading my mod: Please, have a nice New year :)

Download, Comment, Endorse, Vote! :)

+Have fun +Numus

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