HD Combat Training Targets by jirble2
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Added: 01/01/2013 - 09:41AM
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HD Archery Targets

I'm slowly but surely trying to get every texture in my game at least doubled in resolution. But I've never been able to find any archery targets that have been retextured but also maintain the vanilla style, and so I ended up making up my own texture, which is the very first Skyrim Mod that I have ever made.

This texture is only available as a 2K, which is 4 times the original resolution (256x256). I can't say I ever saw any fps drop when using this texture over the original, but if someone requests it, then I will happily make a 1K, or even 512x512 version and upload it.

I'm yet to become any sort of expert on normal mapping, because I'm far too busy at the moment. So, if you think that your archery targets look a bit too flat, or don't reflect light as they should, then check out the comments. People have linked their own normal maps which they have made, and have done a great job.

As stated earlier, this is my first mod ever, so comments, tips, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.