Extended Dual Flurry by Warrior of xD
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Last updated at 2:01, 6 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 2:36, 1 Jan 2013

This is a Just4Fun Mod, i made very Quickly. It's Another simple Learning step for the CK and someday, i may be able to make more than simple .esp Files :D

This Mod adds a third Rank to the "Dual Flurry" Skill in the One-Handed Perk Tree.
It's Learnable at One-Handed Level 75 and Improves the Dual Wield Attack by 50%
The 4th and last Perk rank was removed due to an unfixable (?) Bug. when you attack with Dual-Wielded Daggers, a bug occurs that makes you unable to strike again without sheathing and unsheathing your weapons again. This is caused by the game/engine itself because it is usually impossible to strike at such a speed.
The 3rd rank however is still available, and does exactly what i aimed at when making this Mod;
If you Attack with Daggers, you will barely be able to see the Weapons swing.

Installation: Unzip in the Skyrim/Data Folder and Check it as loaded Mod.
To Uninstall, just delete the .esp File.

By Request of Ayhay123 I added the "Download with NMM" Button
You can now use this Option...

Redistribute as you wish, but please give me Credits for this.

Nuf said, have fun.

Warrior of xD