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Transform your character into the ultimate warrior! simple install the .txt file from the .zip folder, then put the file into your Skyrim directory (NOT THE DATA FILE) proceed to open your game and activate the console with your tilde key "~" and type "bat ultimatedragonborn" without quotes and make your character the most powerful warrior in all of Skyrim!
The mod includes:
-Max gold
-a set player level of 999
-infinite health, magicka, stamina and carry weight
-nearly a billion points of melee and unarmed damage on strike, that means instant kills...eve for dragons!
-a 10,000x armor rating
-a 5x attack speed multiplyer
-instant cooldown of all Shouts
-every perk for your skill trees
-every Shout (shouts must be "unlocked" but all are available)
-150 dragon souls to unlock your Shouts
-2 daedric axes for dual devistation
-a full set of dragon bone armor for coolness.

PLEASE NOTE: recommend using this mod at beginning of new game. Due to the massive modifications it adds, this mod is not suitable for anyone who wishes to play Skyrim normally. This is a GOD MODE MOD.

Please endorse if you like the mod and ENJOY!