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What users are saying!
The "gold standard" in voice acting!" ~ WileyQuixote
"AT LAST! - Vilja has a real rival. I love Anduniel - she's attractive... funny, lively and a warm and loving partner." ~ brieman
"She is gorgeous, full of life and fun to have as a companion... you and your team have performed magic." ~ SgtJenz
"Anduniel is one pleasant surprise after another." ~ Madeira
"I use the Cerwiden mod and thought it was good but Anduniel blows Cerwiden away. No comparison. Not even a close second, IMHO." ~ Thasic
"The best voice acting of any companion mod on Nexus." ~ Gamebryo
"Anduniel is my favorite companion mod by far... Voicing is great, battle AI is awesome" ~ AielloA
"Your voice work is first rate, her songs are fun, her running commentary is well written,
and she's been quest aware in a way that really makes her feel alive. A great companion. Endorsed and highly recommended." ~ Old Book

Always TES5Edit cleaned before each upload - No dirty edits! Files and archive compressed like vanilla.
Main File 2.6:
Skyrim latest | Update

Use NMM, or manually put the bsa and esp into your Data folder.
Problems? Read this entire page and the ReadMe!
Really. Read it. I'll ignore anything that's already addressed here.

I have started Anduniel Blog about this mod.
Please drop by and leave a comment if you like what you see.
The blog is NOT a place to post problems; please use Comments section or PM me for that.

This companion mod has been in development since late October 2012, published January 2013.
She is a Wood Elf from Valenwood who loves three things: hunting, music, and mead.
Her face is stand-alone and requires no other mods, nor will it be affected by other mods.
Let the young hunter-bard join in your adventures, and also you in hers!

A Quest-Aware Companion:
Anduniel is fully aware of....
- Main Questline
- Thieves Guild Questline
- Companion Questline
- Dark Brotherhood Questline
- Bards College Quests
~2000+ lines of quest and location based dialogue and chatter have been recorded.
Access her quest dialogue through the topic "Let's talk for a bit." and then "About quests and adventures..."
This gives several randomized replies, both quest and location-related, and each only fires once, to not be repetitive.
She also has different commentary depending on what the player is wearing or has equipped.

Recruiting Anduniel:
Find her in Riften. During the day she'll be in the town plaza, and her evenings in the Bee and Barb.
Her dialoque quest will start when you enter Riften. When you see a message in the top-left corner: "Anduniel started!" you're good to go.
She runs completely on her own scripts, no vanilla.
FollowerCount does not apply. You can have her along with other followers!

Anduniel is NOT designed to work with follower enhancement mods, such as:
Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT), Extensive Follower Framework (EFF), or Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO)
These mods might not affect Anduniel, or only be semi-compatible. However, she has her own awesome unique features.
I will NOT provide support of any follower enhancement mods. Use at your own risk.

A Father's Gift
The Docks of Solitude
Of Cures and Demons
Two Souls, One Heart
Sugar and Scurvy
Anduniel's Meadery
The Were and the Way (must have joined Companions, talk to Hulda in the Bannered Mare)

Dialogue Configuration & Special Features:
Magic Favors: "Would you do me a favor?"
-You can ask her to cast a Light, Muffle, or Rally
-When out in Tamriel, you can ask her to hunt some game for you.
Riding: "Why don't you ride/walk?"
-Ask her to ride, or she'll automatically ride her own horse when player rides.
Set Home:
-When in any player home, vanilla or modded, you can tell her to live with you.
Dismiss and Meet at (place): "Alas, we should part"
-Tell her to meet you later at any vanilla inn, or a previously set home using "Set Home" feature.
Set Chatter Pace: "Let's talk for a bit" then "About your chatter"
-Set Anduniel to be quiet, chatter less often, or all she wants
Set Outfits: "Let's talk for a bit" then "Let's talk about your outfit"
-You can choose from a number of her stock outfits: Robes, armor, clothes, etc.
-Be sure to take back any special items you gave her before telling her to change, or she might lose them! See FAQ below for more details.
-When in certain faction HQ, such as College on Winterhold or Thieves Guild, she will automatically change to faction clothing.
-Above feature is configurable; you can allow her to randomly change or not.
Battle AI: "Let's talk for a bit" then "Let's talk about combat":
-She will cast armor buffs on you in battle!
-She will heal you if you fall below 10% health and stamina
-After her Restoration gets high enough she can heal you if you fall below 25%
-Set Combat Style to Magic, Range, Warrior, or Hunter (default)
Call Anduniel:
-Use this to summon Anduniel to you if you are separated.
-When following, she will automatically and quietly teleport to you if she gets stuck or you get too far away.
Sandbox While Following:
-When in towns, inns, and homes, Anduniel will sandbox while player is still or idle, and will follow once you get too far away. Just like Serana!

Spells and Perks:
-Spells: Alteration & Illusion, some healing & destruction, and some new CUSTOM Conjuration spells
-Perks: Archery, One-Handed, Sneak (LightFoot, won't set traps), Light Armor, Illusion(Quiet Casting, all spells are silent to AI)

Anduniel's Music:

Say you're camped out under the stars, why not ask her for a little night music? :)
"Would you please sing me a song?"
Fall of the Snow Elves - Youtube link
The Virtuous Thief - Youtube link
Skies of Skyrim - Youtube link
A Glass of Golden Mead - only in inns
Under the Mountain Shadow - Tamriel
Dibella's Art - Tamriel, also featured on Interesting NPCs by Amalee, also voiced by me!
The Docks of Solitude - Complete "The Docks of Solitude"
"A true tragedy... nine parts truth, and one part fiction" ~ Giraud Gemane
The Rose of Valenwood performed by Herb Rand
Mogo's Mead music and lyrics by Arisen1, used with permission
Lunar Lake Serenada (harp, aka "lute") - also featured in "Interesting NPCs", performed by Amalee, also voiced by me!
First Dawn (harp, aka "lute") - also featured in "Interesting NPCs"
Dragonborn (harp)
The Virtuous Thief (performed by Evelyn Castiglioni, mandolin)
Amazing Grace (not exactly lore-friendly, but nice all the same, ocarina)
Rights of Man - Irish traditional, performed by my friend Rachel Jamison
another Irish traditional by Rachel Jamison

Romance and Marriage:
Anduniel is now available for marriage if you are playing a male human or Elf. Another Wood Elf is the ideal match!
Marriage will be available ONLY after you complete her first three quests and achieve a minimum of 50 Favor.
She will have her own custom ceremony, in a beautiful outdoor grove, not the Temple of Mara. You can gain her confidence and affection by giving her things she likes and generally being a good friend. See the ReadMe section for more details.

Follower Interactivity:
Anduniel will have conversations with my favorite followers: Faendal, Erik the Slayer, Mjoll the Lionness, Marcurio, and (in the future) Aela the Huntress.
These characters have similar interests to her, so if you take them along, they will converse!
She also has conversations with other NPCs in Riften, so hang around and watch!

Can you make her not talk while I'm talking to NPCs?
This is a tricky pain-in-the-you-know-what to do, as there is no one condition to put on the dialogue -- you literally have to condition for every single person in the game, or every scene, and only vanilla. I've done some of that, for the most likely NPCs to be in the area, but it's a slow process. That's why we implemented the Chatter Pace in the Features section above. If you plan to be in long converse with someone, simply tell Anduniel to be quiet for a while, and then when you're done tell her she can chatter again.
I can't get her to sing!
This is a game issue, not an issue with the mod. Song scenes are fired by a very simple script, but sometimes the game just doesn't load them, or it may take a few seconds to register. Try the song again, or try at a time when fewer people and/or less activity is taking place in the location. They all work perfectly fine for us, so it is not the mod. Another thing you can try is verify your catch of both Skyrim and the Creation Kit (if installed).
One user pointed out if you hit "Esc" or "Space" key before Anduniel finishes replying, the song will work. I have tried this and it actually DOES seem to work nearly EVERY time.
The armor/weapon I gave her disappeared!
I'm sorry for that. It's a rare game glitch that happens once in a while. Her outfit change is controlled by a simple straightforward script that first un-equips everything she has on and transfers to her inventory, then equips new outfit. However, sometimes an item is just randomly lost. Avoid this simply by taking back from her any special items you gave her, before telling her to change. You've been warned!
Can I change her face/head texture using this/that mod?
I can't stop you. If you don't like how she looks, you can change it yourself in Creation Kit, but don't write insulting remarks, it's very disrespectful and rude. I put quite a lot of time and love into this mod. If you do change her look, any messing around you do in CK or nifscope is your business, but don't complain to me if you "break" her. I won't help.
I have a neck seam/face/body mismatch
1) Because you use a body mod. You will have to check the guidelines on the page where you got the mod. Don't ask me how to make Anduniel compatible with CBBE curvy, it's not my mod, I don't know. All face meshes and textures you need are in this bsa.
2) Even if you don't use a body mod, a tiny seam may still be visible because Anduniel has a face texture, and in some lighting the seam is more visible. There is NO skin mod that truly has no neck seam.
Is this mod safe?
Yes it is. Will not cause crashes. Before each version upload, all scripting is checked and cleared through the papyrus log. However it's a general good practice to back up your game before trying any new mod. This article about save games and mod stability is very useful and a recommended read.
Will you put up a non-bsa version?
No. First, loose files take way too long to upload (no compression).
Second, I'm protective of my music and my voice files, and don't want to make it that outright easy to get to them. If you want loose files, you'll have to use an extractor program.

Anduniel and supporting NPCs (Valla, Tatiyana, Malai'a, Patrizia) voiced by Anna Castiglioni
All characters written by Anna Castiglioni | Music and lyrics written and performed by Anna Castiglioni
Scripting by Anna Castiglioni and Shrikebot | New functions and AI pathing as of 2.3 by Shrikebot

Credits and Thanks:
My wonderful team: You guys make this a little easier :)
Thynar - author of Aldous, for tons of testing and advice!
Alduin78 - for testing, wanting to marry Andie so badly, and being a beacon of encouragement!
Shrikebot - for doing soooo much for this mod! The awesome AI functions and scripting I couldn't figure out. Making the Talisman tighter around the neck. Tons of testing. Making the Inn and kids scenes run. Checking script in papyrus log to ensure the mod runs smoothly. Patiently listening to me rant when things don't go well :) And generally keeping me sane.
Mod authors:
Apachii - beautiful Apachii Skyhair
Nevenbridges81 - Natural Eyes mod
Chanon - Younger Females face mod
Dretmo - Luscious Female Faces (2.4)
Nouserhere - Ear Models for Modders (2.4)
Artisanix - frames and normal maps used with my meadery paintings
TairenSoul - beautiful assortment of tattoos and face paints
Lavigne77 - for kindly creating the Talisman necklace for me
Dheuster - author of AFT, for the Hug script which I was able to adapt
Fellow musicians:
Evelyn Castiglioni - for her musical arrangements and fine-tuning my lyrics
Renata Myers - for her lovely guitar accompaniment
Rachel Jamison - for her lovely recorder playing
Arisen1 - for graciously allowing me to use her song "Mogo's Mead" featured in Interesting NPCs
Herb Rand - music and performance of "The Rose of Valenwood", also helped with lyrics
Fellow Voice Actors:
Euther - Blood-In-Gums, Shazz'ra the Scourge (Sugar and Scurvy, 2.4+)
Herb Rand - Tyrion (2.5+); also for suggesting some more dialogue

Do NOT upload any part of my music anywhere else without my permission. These songs are copyright Anna Castiglioni 2012 - 2013.
This mod uses meshes and textures from other mods, so you would need their authors' permission to use elsewhere.

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