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Title: Summon Serana
Version: .001 WIP
Version Date: 122912
Original Upload Date: 122912
Current Upload Date: 122912


Dawnguard DLC

Description: Sorine Jurard has been tinkering with dark magics. She created a spell which gives a lesser power to Summon Serana. Being a bit absent minded, she left the spell tome sitting outside Fort Dawnguard on a tree stump.

Compatibility: Should be compatible with any and all Serana modifications that do not specifically change her REFID. A simple spell script only disables her, moves her, then enables her near the player. Nothing more, nothing less.


If a mod modifies the tree stump where the spell book is, it may not be able to be found.


#1. Serana is summoned about 128 units away from you. Make sure you have room around you.

#2. This mod only summons her, if you want her to follow you once summoned, you will have to ask her to do so through dialogue.

Future plans/updates:

I'm tinkering with scripting spells, or shaders and effects to try and get her to appear in a cloud of bats. So far that has not been very successful. Suggestions are welcome.