Arrow crafting - No Daedra hearts for Daedric arrows by Atoom
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Added: 28/12/2012 - 11:46PM
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Arrow crafting - No Daedra hearts for Daedric arrows
Version 1.0

Simply removes the requirement for Daedra hearts from the crafting recipe for Daedric Arrows. You will now need two Ebony ingots to craft the same amount of arrows.
I created this mod because i wanted matching arrows for my Daedric bow and didn't wanted to use Daedric hearts on them. Seemed like wasting them to me as these arrows don't do much more damage than the Ebony ones and and the hearts are some of the rarest items to find I my experiance.

Dawnguard, as it alters the recipe added by it. I could make a standalone version if requested.

Automatic installation:
1. Download and install the mod with NMM.

Manual installation:
1. Download the file.
2. Unzip the file "NoDaedraHeartsForArrows.esp" in your Skyrim/Data -directory.
3. Make sure that this file is activated under "Data Files" in your Skyrim-launcher.

Manual uninstallation:
1. Delete the file "NoDaedraHeartsForArrows.esp" from your Skyrim/Data -directory.

Bugs, etc:
There shouldn't be any. If you experiance some, please leave a comment.

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Bethesda for Skyrim & Dawnguard.