The Books of Dovahkiin s Nomad Equipment by Xgrufijury
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English Version

This is the same PlugIn as Dragonkiller Cart. The same PlugIn with a other integration.
The books are owned by various dealer and must be purchased. Find it and read the books. All items can be activate, by that you drop the item out of your inventory. An exception is the cooking pot. The cooking pot must be placed over the fire menu. Tent poles and salt barrel (give you 10 x 5 servings) can buy in Riverwood and by the traveling khajiit.

First Person on the Cart:

Use the Mod Immersive First Person View. You can toggle First Person on the cart on/off.

Use the Mod collecting Firewood. Then you can also collect the vanilla firewood.

Deutsche Version

Das gleiche Plugin wie Drachentöter Karre, nur mit einer anderen Integration.
Die Bücher sind im Besitz verschiedener Händler und müssen gekauft werden. Finde und lies die Bücher. Alle herstellbaren Items lassen sich aktivieren, in dem du sie aus deinem Inventar fallen lässt. Eine Ausnahme bildet der Kochtopf. Dieser wird über das Menü der Lagerfeuer aufgestellt. Zelte brauchen Zeltstangen. Diese kannst du in Flusswald so wie bei den Fahrenden kaufen.

Ego Perspektive auf der Karre:

Benutze die Mod Immersive First Person View. Damit kannst du echte Ego Perspektive auf der Karre ein/aus schalten.

Benutze auch die Mod collecting Firewood. Dann kannst du zusätzlich noch das vanilla Feuerholz sammeln.

And special Thanks to Mystikhybrid - Gabriel Gullbergh for the nice Horse Armors.

The Books....


If you migrate from Dragonkiller Cart, please make a clean save. This is important!

Wenn du wechselst von Drachentöter Karre, stell bitte zuerst einen clean save her. Das ist wichtig!

The PlugIn has Support for
- Dawnguard
- HearthFires
- Dragonborn
- Hypothermia
- Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
- Imp's More Complex Needs
- UFO_-_Ultimate_Follower_Overhaul
- Extensible_Follower_Framework
- Amazing follower tweaks
- Vilja
- and many other..

Cart Physik settings (Add this to your Skyrim. ini)
The settings are now in a own ini file (TheBooksOfDovahkiinsNomadEquipment.ini)
Use them or delete and make your own settings in your skyrim.ini


Camera Settings(Optional: You can Add this to your Skyrim. ini)



- make sure your horse carries the original saddle
- Remove all your Items for the Cart Storage System (Cart, Horse Bags, Car-Barrel, Cart-Chest)
- Remove all Mod Items from your Inventory
- Save the game
- Delete the Files (TheBooksOfDovahkiinsNomadEquipment.esp & .bsa)
- Remove the Cart Physik settings in your Skyrim. ini

if you want, see also my other mod.

Adventure Rucksack

collecting Firewood.

Dragonkiller Cart

Dog Laika Reloaded

Dovahkiins Safe

Asky - almost like a real dog

Version History

Version 2.4
- four new bags (more info in book 2)
- seating on Dovahkiin's - Bedroll
- new power "Dovahkiins Equipment Mode"
- Hypothermia support (no patch needed)
- Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival (no patch needed)

Version 2.3
- Dovahkiins - Mortar
- Dovahkiins - Cooking Pot
- small Tent Poles
- large Tent Poles
- Salt - Barrel
- cart summon power summon also the horse, if tethered.
- several script optimization
- new Menu after reading a book
- collecting Bundles of Firewood: force third person for the animation
- collecting Bundles of Firewood: mushrooms will also be hide for 30 second

Version 2.2
- Follower system changed for more options.
- Follower Ai check removed
- Quest Follower such as Serana and also Vilja can now use the cart (a Follower must be CurrentFollowerFaction(0) or a PlayerTeammat)
- Dovahkiin's Safe (Book2)

Version 2.1 (Book 7)
- recipes to melt down weapons
- new power saddle a horse
- new power collecting wood
- new bedroll inventory nif
- various optimizations

Version 2.0 (first Relese)
- new integration
- new cargo system
- various optimizations

Before 2.0
- see Dragonkiller Cart