Riverwood Gardens and Docks Plus by CovertKish
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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you happen to experience a crash, it is probably because my mod uses the CLARALUX mod (the .esm) as a parent master file (I use a number of MyGoodEye's 'clara' light sources. It is a very small mod and one I have always had installed as a must-have, especially if you use darker nights, and changes no other weather/ambient light settings, it simply creates brighter light sources for use in the Creation Kit as well as adding more lights around Skyrim, so don't worry about that. Just download and install it if you are having issues with my mod, and make sure CLARALUX comes before this mod in the load order (I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager to do this) and everything should work fine.
ALTERNATIVELY you can just remove the file dependency of CLARALUX by opening the Creation Kit and following these instructions.

Kick back and relax to watch the sun set over the beautiful Riverwood bridge from the camp hut roof or the pier, or explore the ruins of an old Nordic shipwreck on an island of rocks beside the docking station. Sit on the outdoor sofas around the warm campfire in the serene location of the docking garden. There is also a basic but cosy bedroll on the roof deck. You could not do this before in Riverwood, which was a shame, as it is probably the most picturesque out of all the villages.

No longer do you have to ponder at how Alvor smelts his materials at the blacksmith in Riverwood without a smelter, whilst simultaneously gaining the convenience of a smelter in the lovely village that is Riverwood.

Fancy a change in lodging, Dragonborn? Why not rest with the relaxing trickling of the river beneath you? It is a humble but very pretty lodge, suspended over the rapids below by great oak beams, with superb views through the windows and on the porch, with all your essential storage you may need. Also overlooks the Riverwood Gardens to make for a truly excellent vista. Don't expect hotel quality or servants here however, Dragonborn.

I would like to credit Spartan117 for his original design of the cabin itself, with everything else as my own work.

All of these modifications are very performance friendly with no loss of FPS on my system (just check this by the minimal file size, compared to most similar mods out there!)

I have made both files (the Gardens and the Tree Lodge) totally independent of one another meaning one does not require the other, if you prefer just one. They are also of course completely compatible and work well together.

And if you do like/enjoy this mod, please don't forget to endorse if you deem it worthy of one :) It helps and pleases me more than you would think.

NMM (recommended)
Make sure you have NMM installed, click the big green 'Download with Manager' button on the files tab, and activate the mod in the manager. Easy.

Or if for some reason that does not work..

Manual installation
Just download manually and extract the .esp from the archive to your Skyrim Data folder (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSkyrimData) and make sure it is checked in your load order when you launch Skyrim.