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This still isn't a completed mod, but you no longer have to access them through the console. Check out the latest ReadMe to know more.

Maytrkr Avatar of War - Pretty difficult, lies a bit higher in the power spectrum of the avatars. He is based off a redguard, but sounds like a Dremora, (in the coming up avatar lore you'll find most of the avatars come from Daedric Lords) Don't try to solo this dude, even if you're lvl 81.

Ashkor Avatar of Thu'um - Get this, it's a dragon. I'd say it's about the 4th or 5th toughest, has a very large amount of health and being a dragon is a lot harder to fight.

Orkash Avatar of Hate- Looks like a huge orc, and was the toughest avatar for a while. In the questline I plan for him to be toughest, then he'll get replaced, killed, then he'll turn into Orkashashor, which will be explained lower in the list. He is the 3rd toughest NPC in this mod. He has a very powerful storyline behind him that will later be revealed. He carries extremely powerful gear, and if you manage to kill him you'll certainly fancy his armor if you can deal with he weight.

Orkashashor Demigod of Rage - Will be the incarnation of Orkash after he gets killed, this is the #1 toughest guy in the mod. He is EXTREMELY hard to kill by fair means. He doesn't deal any more damage than Orkash does, but he has a remarkably higher amount of health, stamina, and magicka.

Tordsetry Avatar of Beasts - A really big overpowered werewolf, haven't really worked out what his place will be in the storyline yet.

Treayntr Avatar of Wilderness - A really big spriggan, isn't very tough in comparison to the other avatars. I have some idea of what I will do with this NPC.

Tyrtkal - The NPC that is supposed to kill Orkash in the quest line, this is the 2nd toughest NPC in the mod. He is a dremora and doesn't carry around special gear, but he does have extremely high stats.

Tuyrkt Avatar of Wisdom - Not that tough, but will be a major part of the quest line. Only avatar that is derived from a god, in this case it is Julianos.

Ysgtoor New Avatar of Thu'um - Ashkor is going to be a bad guy, so Akatosh will replace him with Ysgtoor, he is pretty tough, but not as tough as Ashkor, who will be Ysgtoor's rival. Pretty similar, I look toward making the two a lot more different in the future.

Gyrkt Avatar of Shadows- Small falmer based guy, not incredibly tough compared to others,
possible to solo if you're high level and have good gear

I'm certainly interested in getting some help with this.
I'm frankly not very good at voice acting, so even when I edit my voice it doesn't sound
that good. I do have a file you can download that is Orkash's first dialogue. It's just an example, don't use it for anything. It hasn't even actually been put in the mod either, yes that's the official dialogue but I haven't actually added any sound files yet. Anyways I could really use some voice actors. We all know that quest dialogue is a million times better with sound, so I'm not really considering silent dialogue an option. Current Roles Avaible are Orkash, Tuyrkt, Bagorykt
and I'll actually need some plain voice acting for mortal characters, which won't require voice editing. For the Avatar characters I use Audacity. You don't need to be able to voice edit, I can handle that part.

You can also just simply pitch in ideas for avatars! The storyline is still in development and
has room for more major characters!

If you help in any way you will be credited!