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ANB - Dragonbone Weapons

My own take on Dragonbone Weapons. Made for my own personal use and inspired
by AeonVita's version. Adds a whole new set of weapons made from Dragon Bones
and a few other misc items. No arrows included because I think its impractical
to try to make arrows from bones. Arrowheads and nocks maybe... not shafts.
I did retex the quiver and arrows when I made the bow tho...

Maybe once the CS is out Ill expand on this mod and make it more of a crafting
addition than a weapon mod.

The mod includes 9 new weapons each with its own crafting recipe and upgrade

Crafting requires the Dragon Armor smithing perk.
Upgrading requires Arcane Blacksmith smithing perk.

Each weapon is slightly (+3 base damage) more powerful than the Daedric version
Weight and Value are based on how many bones or parts of bones I feel itd take
to make each weapon.

Upgrades take Dragon Scales. 1 for smaller weapons 2 for large ones.
Upgrades are done at a grind stone (kinda obvious but Im sure someone will ask)

Weapons Included:

Dragonbone Battleaxe
Dragonbone Bow
Dragonbone Dagger
Dragonbone Greatsword
Dragonbone Mace
Dragonbone Scimitar
Dragonbone Sword
Dragonbone War Axe
Dragonbone Warhammer

This mod does NOT replace any vanilla objects. Each weapon has its own meshes
and textures.

All the meshes are the default Orcish weapons except for the scimitar.
Its the normal scimitar the redguards carry.

All the textures were made by me based on the original orcish textures. They
were designed to look like blood stained bone. In a future version I might
make new normals and speculars so it looks less like steel and more like bone.

Of course the recipes can be seen ingame (if you have the skills required) but
just as a word of warning so as to not destroy your dreams of making them:

Be SURE you have some Linen Wraps!

A few (2) of the weapons require linen in addition to leather/strips.
Namely the Dagger and Bow.

As for the requirements of the recipes I looked at the items and thought...
"this would require this and this... and a few of these" and thats where the
materials came from. For instance... Daggers and Bows take linen cloth because
its makes sense that the handles might be wrapped with something a little less
coarse than the other weapons. Scimitars require an iron ingot because most of
the hilt and handle are metal not bone. That sort of thing.

As always questions and comments are welcome. If you want to use any part of
this in your own mod(s) or somethin please ask me first. I cant stop ya but its
the nice thing to do.

Thanks to AeonVita for answerin a few questions I had about the dirty details
of such a mod bein made without a CS. Hope he doesnt get too mad at me for
makin a mod like his =D