KD Ghost Draugr by King Danasty
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Added: 23/12/2012 - 09:41AM
Updated: 20/10/2013 - 04:07AM

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Ghost Draugr

by King Danasty

What is it?
A simple mod that changes Draugr to look and sound more ghostly. Made it for my wife who hates zombies but doesnt mind ghosts. Draugr sound has also been reduced (gargling).

What does it do?
Draugr now look and sound more ghostly. Names and loot tables remain intact.

Use Nexus Mod Manager
Download, Extract, "KD Ghost Draugr.esp" and "KD Ghost Draugr.bsa" goes into your Data Folder. Delete to uninstall.

- Someone reported in the Post section that this mod may interfere with the quest Forbidden Legend. Make sure to disable the mod to complete the quest if you run into trouble. Credit goes to rafaelloaa for reporting it.

- This may conflict with any other draugr mod. Im not sure which as I dont use any other draugr mods (including this one).

- This also may conflict with draugr specific quests in terms of audio but im not sure if such quests exist. If they do, enable subtitles.

- This also has not been tested with EVERY draugr encounter as I have yet to finish the game completely. Seems to work fine for a typical burrow.

Current Version: 2.0
- Original ghost form added (previous was too transparent and purple)
- Draugr ghosts turn to ash when killed
- Draugr bodies should no longer appear (they now crumble into ash)