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Added version without player home.

====Author's Note====

Due to people requesting I release this character as a companion, I have done my best to put some effort into it to make it a little unique. While I wasn't sure how to add more dialogue or anything that involves scripting, I did add a custom armor and a new player home you can find him in to the world. For those who want him to have the ears like in the screenshots I posted not on this mod, just equip him with Nouserheres Ears. If you are wondering why the armor has one sleeve it is because it caught on fire when he was casting a spell.... Okay not really, but I based it off of Cloud's Advent Children outfit and Natsu's from Fairytail, so it may be a little out of lore friendly range and sorry the textures aren't very detailed, but I am trying to get better at it. If you don't like it, you can easily change his outfit with one on the companion mods like Better Follower Improvements, UFO, NPC clothes changer and maintainer, or by console commands. Last note on his armor is that it is not weight slider or first person friendly, so if you want your character to wear it, set your weight to 0 by opening console with your character selected and typing "setnpcweight 0" without quotations. He has his own skin color, hair color, and his eyebrows are an edit of a texture that Regnbagar allowed me to use so those should not be affected no matter what mods you use. Feedback is always welcome, but if you just plain hate it and offer no advice for improvement, then please keep it to yourself and click back, I didn't make this for you.


Thalion is a Breton and Spellsword who trained at the College of Winterhold before leaving to seek out greater knowledge that the college limited him with. Now hiding in the quiet town of Riverwood after acquiring many enemies on his quest, he awaits for someone strong enough to lead him on a path to reach the next level in power.

His main weapon is a one-handed sword, along with a bow, but you will see him casting powerful spells at enemies more so. He should level up with your character if I followed everything correctly and be a little overpowered.

He is marriageable and you can move into his home located on a hill outside Riverwood before you cross the bridge to Whiterun. If you have a player home mod that is located in that area, I would suggest deactivating it or there will probably be issues. If someone wants me to upload him without the player home, let me know I will be happy to, I probably will anyway.

====Required Mods (Will not work without it)====


Apachii Hair (ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_0)

====Recommend Mods (If you want him to look like in the screenshots)====

Better Males: Younger faces merged with Men by Geonox

Improved Eyes Skyrim

BFG - Better FaceGen

Nouserheres Ears (If you want him to have elf ears)


1. Download and extract file into the Data folder, by default its location should be steam/steamapp/common/Skyrim/data
2. Locate companion in Riverwood, click NPC, and select dialogue for them to follow you.

1. Remove the mesh and texture folders for companion as well as the .esp file


Big thank you to Apachii and Regnbagar for giving me permission to use their resources as a part of this mod, you guys rock!

Bethesda for the creation of Skyrim, the meshes and textures used for edit, and the creation kit.




Mayang's Free Textures for armor textures

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

HQ Eyebrows - vanilla texture replacers by Regn for the brow texture used in this mod

Nouserheres Ears by Nouserhere plus Badmagic

Improved Eyes Skyrim by missjennabee

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

BFG - Better FaceGen by Radioragae