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Charon - Male Redguard Archer Thief – Age 26 – Chaotic Neutral

Charon was born in Rihad, in Hammerfell, in the year 4E 175. He is an albino and because of this he was always rejected by the Redguard who considered him cursed. His mother died in childbirth, hence he was raised by his brother, Kalmari who was 8 years old.

They were collected by the local thief guild. Kalmari was proficient in any Illusion type magic and Charon himself quickly became one of their most useful burglars, being a little child he could enter houses more easily than a grown up.

When Charon was 12 the leader of the guild died. His assassin and successor wasn't as open minded about albino as his predecessor and so, Kalmari disguised him under an illusion spell and they ran away to Cyrodiil. They lived by the only way they knew, thievery and deception.

They settled 4 years in Kvatch, and then went to Leyawiin following a merchant girl Kalmari had met and wanted to marry. Unfortunately their caravan was attacked by bandits during the journey, and the girl was killed. Heartbroken Kalmari decided to join a mercenary band, employed by the Aldemari Dominion, they were assigned to the protection of travelling Altmer Nobles.

In 4E 197, Kalmari and Charon sought to settle themselves somewhere. Kalmari thought of going to the College of Winterhold and begin a real study of his art. Charon wanted to return to Kvatch.

They went apart for the first time of their lives. Charon was employed as guard of the city for 3 years, then a Breton wizard, Fenand, employed him as his bodyguard. Fenand was fond of old artifacts and old prophecy. They traveled together through Cyrodiil collecting artifacts and books.

In 4E 200 Fenand heard of the prophecy announcing the return of Dragons on Mundus, and, as any wizard he wanted to go where Dragons were susceptible to appear first for they were of great interest to him. Charon wrote a letter to his brother saying that they’ll come to the College him and Fenand, and they arranged to meet first in Bruma, for Kalmari was to go there at the end of the year, and travel together to the College from there.

All went according to plan, until when crossing the border of Cyrodiil and Skyrim they ran across an skirmish between Stormcloack and Imperial Soldiers. Fenand and Kalmari were killed in the mess of the battle. Charon was taken prisoner by the Imperials.

Skills (by order of preference) :
  • Archery
  • Light Armor, high level would be some kind of dark armor or ranger armor, evil or good
  • One handed Sword
  • Block Light Shield
  • Stealth (thievery and sneaking)
  • Speechcraft.
  • Crafting normal, only when he needs to, usually he has enough money to just buy things, but he also needs to improve sometimes his gear

Goals and Ambitions :
  • He wants to avenge Fenand and his brother, he hold the Imperials responsible for their deaths, although he does not know who killed them exactly.
  • He may wants to visit the Thieve's Guild of Riften if he has the occasion.
  • He wants ultimately to settle himself and have a family to take care of.
  • He has a bizarre sense of duty, inherited from his brother. He is kind to children and beggars for he was one, and he prays regularly to Arkay for his brother and Fenant.

Distinctive Marks : Albino

If someone would be kind enough to correct my mistakes, I’m not a native speaker, send me a PM, thanks!

A Quality World Map
Acquisitive soul gems
Auto Unequip Ammo
Bandolier – Bags and Pouches
Better Dialogue Controls
Better Fast Travel
Better Messagebox Controls
Better Sorting (all plugins)
Better Vampires – Master Difficulty
Brawl Bug Patch
Categorized Favorites Menu – Oni Edition
Cloaks of Skyrim (Cloaks.esp)
Dragon Soul Relinquishment
Ebony Blade Fixed (One Handed Version)
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
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Immersive HUD – iHUD
Immersive Weapons
Interesting NPCs (voiced only)
Iron armor variant with sleeves and chainmail (replacer)
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Remove Ambient Interior Fog
Ritual Armor of Boethiah
Run For Your Lives
Selective Quivers
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Unofficial SkyrimDawnguardHeathfire Patch (all three)
When Vampires Attack
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I didn't list any retexture mod, but I use Book Of Silence aMidianborn retex by Cabal120

Thanks to all modders and Bethseda of course, I sincerely hope my story can help some people really enter into Role Play.