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--- about update v1.0 ---
Version 1.0 rename esp file and remade the all script and dll file.
You requires make clean save.

--- Maintenance ---
AutoPV MCM translation sheet
Source code - Github

Creative Commons.

--- Description ---

AutoPV is designed to offer context-based changes in perspective that can be customized to fit your personal playing style. If you enjoy exploring Skyrim in third-person view, but prefer combat in first-person, this mod will allow you to play the way you want without having to constantly toggle between perspectives.

--- Supported actions ---

In order of descending priority:

Drawing and sheathing weapons.
Use Staff
Casting spells
Pulling bowstring
Aiming crossbow

--- Videos ---

thanks to robiehn

--- Requirements ---

Skyrim version 1.9.32 or higher
SkyUI (AutoPV utilizes the Mod Configuration Menu feature)
SKSE version 1.6.16 or later.

--- Installation ---

Recommended: Download using the Nexus Mod Manager, then enable and run.
However, it you using NMM, Please uncheck this option.
(NMM Settings-> General-> don't extract ReadMe files.)

Manual install: Download the archive and extract the contents to the data folder (C://.../steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data/).

*** Be sure to have the latest versions of SkyUI and Skyrim Script Extender installed.

--- How to use ---

Go to the Mod Config menu (Will appear in main menu when SkyUI 3.0 or later is installed)
Select AutoPV from the list of mods. A list of actions will appear that you may set the camera preference to. For example, if you want to switch to first-person view whenever you draw a weapon, select 1st Person for the action Weapon Draw, and 3rd Person for the action Weapon Sheathe.

If you select 1st Person for Pull Bowstring, the camera will switch to first-person view only when you are aiming an arrow, and will switch back to third-person view shortly after the arrow is fired.

--- Uninstallation ---

!!! First disable all of the features within AutoPV's mod configuration menu (Set all to Do Nothing) !!!

Uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager, or manually delete the following files from the data folder:


--- FAQ ---

Q: What is Delivery Type?
A: here

--- Translation ---

Russian translation by Const24

--- Special thanks ---

raney (made this description. Thank you very much!)

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