No Wolf Howl by Delaric
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Added: 22/12/2012 - 06:37AM
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No Wolf Howl

What is this mod? This is another small mod by me to fix the little annoyances I have when I am playing Skyrim. One of these is that wolves, which are everywhere, howl when you get near. This mod simply makes it so that they do not make that howling sound. Their other sounds are not affected at all, they will still growl and bark and all that good stuff.

As if the howling "warning" were not enough, I also felt that the howls did not sound good, and one of the howl sound files had an abrupt cutoff that just sounded terrible. So, away they go for me, and you too if you like.

Please report any issues. Note that there is a very small chance that a wolf may howl if you start a new game using certain mods that do not give you any money. Don't ask.

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