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Remember to take a peek at my newest mod, Skeletons - Truly Undead, where you can take those spiffy new fire weapons to face some real menaces.
I have looked at all of the Dragonborn effect shaders and arts as I had previously noted. I can tell you that I have been unable to find something that I feel is better than what I have already uploaded. However, if anyone's curious as to what sorts of effect shaders and arts I found in the DLC, I can post my highlight reel right here. Among the more interesting ones were an effect shader that made it appear as if a weapon was covered in green tentacles (perhaps useful for a stamina or paralysis enchantment?) and an art effect that made it appear as if a small albino spider was on the hilt of your sword (probably not useful for much!). My favourite was an art effect that attached an ethereal drum to the weapon (I can't remember if it emitted visual ethereal music notes as well). Very interesting indeed!

--- Description (Version 1.0) ---

Don't you wish that some of the Vanilla weapon enchantments were less static and boring? Well, here's one mod that makes some enchants more dynamic and interesting!

Note: The pictures don't do the mod justice because they're JPG's and inherently static. Check out this video thanks to passet. Check out this video thanks to maload.

This mod does not add new enchantments. In Version 1.0, the Enchant Arts and Enchant Shaders for Fire, Frost, and Shock weapon enchantments have been replaced for a better aesthetic appeal. The actual damage output, enchant cost, and perk scaling have been maintained as in the Vanilla version. Since my aim is to simply improve the appearance of some of the Vanilla enchantments, I do not think that I will increase the "value" of the modified enchantments so that their visual effect shows up when Dual Enchanting. This would not be in line with my aim.

--- Version 1.1 ---

Comments noted that the fire enchantments looks pretty unsatisfactory, so it's been changed to look better, as in the latest image.

--- Version 1.1 (No Sound) ---

It was requested (for the sake of maintaining stealthiness while using an enchanted weapon) that a version be available wherein the enchantments did not produce any extra sound effects (as in the Vanilla version). This file should replace the previous version(s) on install, if you have previously downloaded the 1.0 or 1.1 version. It should also function for those who have not yet downloaded this mod.

--- Version 1.2b (Requires Dawnguard) ---

The Shock Enchantment's visuals have remained unchanged (since it seems to receive positive reviews). The Frost and Fire visuals have been changed (as shown in the newest image). I'm calling it a beta because I'm not sure if this change is for the better or for the worse since visual appeal is a pretty subjective matter. So, I'll really appreciate comments. It definitely requires Dawnguard.

On a side note, the new image depicts a few mods that I really liked (though they are in no way necessary for my mod to work): Ghost Rider by Newermind43 (for the flaming skull headpiece) and Razor Scales Armor and Cannibal Lord Mask HD by AncientVampire and ZeroFrost (for that awesome looking armor). In the background, there is also a merchant from Osare Muffler by anano. She sells scarves for females. If you've got female followers wearing skimpy armors, give them a scarf to help them brave Skyrim's harsh climate.

--- Version 1.2b (No Sound) (Requires Dawnguard) ---

No Sound version of 1.2b. It also requires Dawnguard.

--- What I Did ---

It's deadly simple. No scripts. All I did was replace the Enchant Art and Enchant Shaders of the Magic Effect associated with the Fire, Frost, and Shock weapon enchantments, so that they appear more dynamic instead of boring. So, it should be compatible with all weapons.

--- Installation ---

Click on Download with Manager and watch as your weapon enchants begin to look awesome!

If downloading manually, unpack the .rar file. Inside, there will be a "Data" folder. Merge this folder with the "Data" folder in your install of Skyrim. To uninstall, delete the "Weapon Enchantments Redone.esp" file from the "Data" folder located in your install of Skyrim.

When updating or changing versions, since there is really only one file involved (the Weapon Enchantments Redone.esp), just overwrite the previous file.

Don't forget to comment whether or not you liked or disliked.

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