Mogos Mead by Stephanie Young
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You hear them talk about it in the taverns....about that song, "Mogo's Mead" and yet, you never see such mead in Skyrim. Well, this mod brings it to life. And such a drink deserves a song in its name....and here it is:


I knew meself a maiden fair
With em'rald eyes and fire-red hair
She owned a tavern by the sea
And served warm drinks of mellow honey

Drink ye merry, drink ye thirsty
Bring thy crew n'revel freely
For on one thing we're all agreed,
That Mogo made the finest mead

Mogo's mead, Mogo's mead
The only drink we'd e'er need
Take a flask and take a seat
And drink thyself a sweety-treat!

And here's a bad rendition of me performing the song: LINK

If you like that song, you might want to know of where I was inspired to write it. Well, I had overheard Mikael and Hulda talking about songs that would be appropriate to sing in the tavern, and one of them was brought up by Hulda, "I was thinking Mogo's Mead really gets the place moving."

Here is a video:

And after trying a delicious cup of medieval style mead for myself....well, I am hopelessly addicted. xD

So...enjoy the MEAD!!