Soul Gem Enhancements by IsharaMeradin
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Soul Gem Enhancements

NOTICE: This mod is not compatible with the USKP patches as of their 2.0 release.

I liked the idea of the "fixes" from Acquisitive Soul Gems: prevent player caught souls from leaving gems when dropped; allow filled gems to stack properly and have the proper value. However, I disliked that there were no negatives to the process. After the fixes everything was positive. So I got a grand idea to have a smaller size gem break if you didn't have the correct size gem on you.

What This Does
Aside from including the fixes found in Acquisitive Soul Gems, there is a 75% chance of breaking a smaller size soul gem on each white soul trapping event where you do not have the correct size gem. If you do not have any smaller size gems nothing will happen. There is also a satchel which can be found and when equipped it will auto-transfer empty soul gems and only allow the correct size to pass back during a soul trapping event. If you find the gem breaking to be too much, I suggest that you locate the satchel and equip it.

Satchel Specifics
Name: Soul Gem Satchel
Body Slot: 57
Female Worn Model: Taken from a stock iron armor set
Male Worn Model: Invisible -- male version was not a separate mesh
Ground/Inventory Model: Adapted from my Glimpse of Elsweyr mod, originally from the stock alchemy satchel.
Container: Not accessible -- used only via automatic transfer either during a soul trap event or when equipped.
Location hint: **clears throat** You can find it following the main quest line in the Tamriel worldspace. If you can't find it ask Klimeck, maybe he can light the way.

Use NMM as the download is an OMOD allowing you to pick the correct version for your setup. Non-DLC or Dawnguard. You have the option to select Loose Files or BSA. The Loose File versions are recommended by default because something needed to be.
If you wish to attempt manual, you can extract the OMOD as you would any 7z file and copy the appropriate contents as necessary.

Use NMM to deactivate and remove.
If you did attempt to install manually, then remove what you added.

Mod Contents as it should appear after installation
Loose File Version
meshes > Satchel_SoulGem > SatchelSGF_0.nif
meshes > Satchel_SoulGem > SatchelSGF_1.nif
meshes > Satchel_SoulGem > SatchelSGND.nif
textures > abIM_Textures > Satchel_SoulGem >
textures > abIM_Textures > Satchel_SoulGem >
scripts > abimSatchelSoulGemScript001.pex
scripts > magicsoultrapfxscript.pex <-- replaces original file, backup if necessary
scripts > source > abimSatchelSoulGemScript001.psc
scripts > source > magicsoultrapfxscript.psc <-- replaces original file, backup if necessary
BSA Version
scripts > magicsoultrapfxscript.pex <-- replaces original file, backup if necessary

Compatibility Issues
Not compatible with Acquisitive Soul Gems as this does what that does and then some.
Not compatible with any other soul gem mod that applies similar fixes
Not compatible with any other mod that affects the soul gem forms, the magicsoultrapfxscript, or the forms that the script is assigned.
Compatible with texture & mesh replacers provided the soul gem forms themselves are untouched.

Future Plans
Devise some way to utilize the broken gem pieces.

Initial release

Bethesda for Skyrim & the Creation Kit
bluedanieru for allowing me to utilize Acquisitive Soul Gems as a starting point especially the script adjustments to magicsoultrapfxscript