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In vanilla you need 567 armor rating to reach 80% damage reduction, the capped reduction.

This means that at certain point armor crafting is useless. Many people have far more then 567, but it's useless due to 567 armor rating cap.

I suggest this values: 667, 767, 867, 1000, 2000.

For player who has reached incredible high values there are extreme high armor rating caps: 10000, 11000, 12000, 13000, 15000.

You can start playing with one option, then when you reach a cap you can progressive choose one .esp to change the cap. No conflict, no problems.

Armor rating cap will also affect npc but slightly less compared to player.
Maybe they will be more fragile, if you find that too easy, use difficulty setting optional file. It changes your damage done. More info in readme.

Make daedric upgrade to be worthwhile!!

Suggest your armor rating and i will make new cap for you.

How to calculate your damage reduction:

Easy, for 1000 version take your armor rating add +25 for each armor item weared and multiply it for 0.0728.
For 2000 version multiply your armor rating add +25 for each armor item weared for 0.0381.

I will give you a pratic example: i have 500 armor rating.
With 1000 version your damage reduction is ((500+100)*0.0728)) 43,68% .
With 2000 version is ((500+100)*0.0381)) 22,86%.
And how much damage reduction i will have without this mods? With 500 your damage reduction is ((500+100)*0.12)) 72%.

Each armor item you wear adds an hidden +25 to your armor rating. For example wearing, helm, chest, boot and gloves (shield excluded) gives you a +100, but this value will remain hidden.

AR 1134 rebalanced:

In this version i have also tweaked very hard difficulty. Now damage done/received by player is 38%/180% down from 50%/200%.
Melee damage is buffed since NPC and player has less armor, but magic damage is nerfed.
To balance that i have tweaked player magicka regen rate from 33% to 40%.
Also dual casting get buffed: cost in reduced from 2.8 to 2.5 and effectiveness is increased from 2.2 to 3.0. Dual casting affect also npc. I guess. It's a global value so i think so.
The formula to calc your damage reduction will be: AR+100*0.0649.

This optional files was the result of my experience, for me it was the best solution, but your experience may be very different.

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