Dense Grass 100 Density by Chewiemuse
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Added: 16/12/2012 - 07:04PM
Updated: 27/01/2013 - 11:19PM

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New vid by Hodilton!

Hoping to get this user some publicity, Heres his video :)

Another Video by JohnnySQS (this one is in spanish, so its for spanish users)

Little Review by user sorafe :)

"I hardly ever leave comments but, I love this mod. This is the first grass mod I've installed that affects my gameplay... sneaking through the grass never felt so rewarding.

Really, that's the whole beauty of this mod to me, you just wanna disappear into a field or a large patch of grass off the side of the road and violently murder passers-by, dragging their corpses into the flowers and weeds so that they completely disappear.

I used this on top of the Lush Grass mod and I haven't run into any weirdness or problems so far.

Anyway, awesome mod. More than just a graphical enhancement, it's a gameplay improvement!"



All Privelages are allowed, Include in any mod or anything; Make sure you give me Credit please

Dense Grass by- Chewiemuse

I only recommend using this mod if you have a high end PC or dont care about the Risk of loosing about 10-20 FPS

To fix the Distance it renders you need to go into your SkyrimPrefs.ini (MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP) and change fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance= to 14000.0000, this will render the grass as far is it can in a Stable fashion.

Very simple to install

Install Instructions:

Either just upload through the Nexus mod client

Or Move Dense Grass ESP to your Skyrim/Data Directory

Anyone can edit this mod or use it in their compilation, I dont mind you dont need to ask.

If you guys like Endorse :D