The Avengers Hawkeye Arrows and Bow by Quechus13
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Hawkeye once described this bow as one of the finest imported models in Skyrim!

Craft it ALL in the MISC section on the Smithing Forge.

Hawkeye's Bow Stats:

Weight: 8.0
Reach: 2.1 (Originally 1.0)
Speed: 1.1
Damage: 23
Crit Dmg: 8

Hawkeye's Bow Recipe:

1 Firewood
1 Garnet (quite easy to get actually just buy it off a merchant or in a dungeon)
1 Iron Ingot
2 Ebony Ingots

Bow Tempering Recipe:

1 Ebony Ingot
1 Steel Ingot

You need the "Able to upgrade Magic Weapons Perk" in Smithing

The Avengers Hawkeye Quiver and Arrows:

Crafting Recipe:

1 Firewood
2 Iron Ingots
3 Leather Strips
3 Ebony Ingots

23 of Damage per shot.

You will get 30 Arrows after crafting.