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Author: Darkfirebird
Permissions ( Scripts ): You may not reuse, copy, modify, repost and the likes
without written permission by me, excluding for personal use only.

= Overview / Description
Ever liked playing a game where you got to select what skills you wanted to upgrade?
Do you prefer gaining experience to level instead of the use to level up system?
Then this mod may be for you.

-Removes Skill Gains from training, skill books, quests and the likes.
++Can be re-enabled, but you also recieve less XP while active.
++Skill Points are gained instead of skill gains.

-Gain XP from just about anything you do. Killing, pickpocketing, quests, exploring and more!

-Customize the mod to your liking!
++Change XP Base, Bump, Skill Points per level, Skill Costs, XP Gains and more!

-Lightweight and does not require SKSE to run.
++The mod does contain optional stuff for users of SKSE though such as the Mod Menu setup.

*View the Console Commands file for all available in game commands.*

There also is some options available in game from the [XP Mod - Options Menu].

= Notes
1) All XP Mod Items are considered armor. This may bug companions or npcs if
given to them. ( Precaution really. )
2) May unequip custom items using BipedObject 60.
3) You can use the editor and adjusts values from the master file and save and keep them across updates and saves. ( Having your own defaults. )
Note: Update the Default globals as well to always have them. After updates,
Set DFBXPModReset to 1 and all values will reset to their default ones.
Note: This excludes XP Level, Current XP, Current SP, and personal settings.
++Personal Settings: Level Calc, Min XP Notify etc are not touched.

= External Mods Using Custom XP Values
1] Add: [ GlobalVariable Property DFBXPMultCustom Auto ] OR [ GlobalVariable Property DFBXPAppend Auto ] to your script and Define it in script properties.
2] Add: [ DFBXPMultCustom.Mod(amount) ] or [ DFBXPAppend.Mod(amount) where you want to. Amount can be float, int, etc.
2a] Make sure to keep it balanced and won't repeat in a bad way.
++IE: Script constantly adds XP in a loop. Etc.


Edit DFB - XP Mod Redone.esm and edit all the values to your liking to share with others ( Edit Defaults as well ). ( Or can be used to set up defaults. )
Note: When updating, you may lose the changes on your save. After updates, Set DFBXPModReset to 1 and all values will reset to their default ones.

= Installation
Place [DFB - XP Mod Redone.esm] and [DFB - XP Mod Redone.bsa] into your
Skyrim/Data/ folder.
Usually (default) located here:
WinXP : [ C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/ ]
Vista Win7 : [ C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/ ]

Or use NMM. [Nexus Mod Manager: ]

When you start, you will be notified if the mod was installed and running.
-This 'grace period' will allow you to console command [ `/~ default ] to change
Skill Points per level. XP Base and Bumps and XP Values and mults are done

= Uninstall
Remove [DFB - XP Mod Redone.esm] and [DFB - XP Mod Redone.bsa] and play.

= Optional Stuff
Place [DFB - XP Mod Redone - SkyUI.esp] and [DFB - XP Mod Redone - SkyUI.bsa]
into your Skyrim/Data/ folder.

This will enable this mod to show up onto the Mod Configuration Menu.

Requires SKSE AND SkyUI to use.

!Separate Download!

= Version History
= Version 1.3.0 =
-Fixed Misc Stat 1 Error. Should no longer be returned to Error Log.
-Fixed AoE Tag Effect 'working' even if no valid targets were there. Should no longer be returned to Error Log.
-Fixed ( Hopefully ) skill gains when it was disabled. ( Affected a few users. )
-Many Skill Point oriented globals changed over to Ints. Users current Skill Points auto adjusted. ( Or close to correct amount. )
-Fixed up Skill Cost using the Inventory Items and Spell Menu to new Skill Point system.
-Adjusted Reset Script to use new Skill Point system.
-Adjusted multiple messages to show Ints instead of Floats for Skill Points.
-Redone Updater and Main script to fix values correctly. ( Hopefully, fixes random XP Gains after updates. )
-Updater should auto correct new values for anything skill related if upgrading.
-Changed Inventory Skill item names to be slightly shorter and easier to sort.
-Skill Points gained from completing certain quests adjusted to give Skill Points based on Skill Cost that are less then skill level 25 multiplied by amount of skills normally gained by this. Example: Oghma Infinium gives a total of 30 skill gains. 12 ( Base ) * 30 = 360 Skill Points gained. Changing this value will reflect on these.
-No longer needs the additional Skill Fix Plugins. DISABLE THEM.

= Version 1.2.3 =
-Updated Adjusted Effects plugin. Now includes Rested and Loved 'buffs'. ( Previously was not touched. )
-Multiple quests that grant a skill level should now give skill points equal to the amount that was to be given.
+Note: Angi's Archery Training and such still do not however. They are done through dialogue.
-May of fixed skill gains, even if it was disabled.
-Added a separate plugin that attempts to reset skill mods to prevent skill gains. ( For testing purposes. Works with the mods settings. )
-Added Sound Effect option for Level Up. ( View Console Commands for details. )
-Added Volume Control for level up sound effects.
-New Command: DFBXPLevelUpSound. Controls if a level up sound is used. Use 1~5 for different sounds. Default 1 with normal level up sound.
-New Command: DFBXPLevelUpSoundVol. Controls Level Up Sound volume. Default 0.80 ( 80% )
-New Command: DFBXPLevelUpSoundTest. Just to test the sound. Takes a few before it happens.

= Version 1.2.2 =
-Fixed typo ( Sorta ) in readme. Skill Caps based on player level will auto maximize at Lv35, not 40.
-Removed wrongly edited values that had nothing to do with the mod. ( Thanks Roark91 for finding this. )
-Updated the Patch Message. Should be generic as some change logs are too big anyways to fit.
-Changed DFBXPMinNotify to DFBXPNotifyMinXP for organization.
-Added a ton of default values. ( Patcher and Mod Menu now use these. )
-Fixed default value for DFBXPSkillAutoCapLevel to 35 as intended.
-Fixed Skill Point gains from Training and Skill Books if XP Value(s) were zero.
-Added new message type to show Skill Point gains if no XP was gained.
-New Commands: DFBXPSkillMultTraining and DFBXPSkillMultSkillBook. This controls how many Skill Points are gained when you train / read a skill book. ( No longer uses other mults. )
-Added DFBXPAppendSP Global for mods that wish to add skill point gains to their mods.
-Mults for killing adjusted a bit. They go through a list ( Using default XP Gains.) to dictate which 'actor type' to use.
+Example: Dragon / Humanoid -> It will pick Dragon for the XP Gain and ignore Humanoid. This also fixes duplicate XP gains. This was added a while ago but never said.
-Added new command: DFBXPModReset: This will allow players to reset all XP Mults to default values. ( Or use those modded by other mods. )
+Defaults are based on DFBXPMultDefault. IE: DFBXPMultKillAutomaton -> Default is DFBXPMultKillAutomatonDefault global.
-Fixed Pickpocketing. ( Sorta. ) Any amount of a stack over 15 will get ignored. ( Prevents Pickpocketing Gold, Arrows etc to give high amount of XP for low risk. )
-Added a fix for updating. Each patch on loading an old save or new file will ignore all XP Gains for about 2 seconds. This is to prevent for whatever reason, the mod from recalculating XP Gains for stuff you already were granted XP or SP for.

= Version 1.2.1 =
-New Command: DFBXPSkillBaseCap - Controls Base Skill Level for capping.
-New Command: DFBXPSkillAutoCapLevel - Controls when to remove level based caps.
-New Command: DFBXPSkillPerLevel - Controls Skill Level caps per level.
-Added Spell Menu Option to Options Menu.
-Fixed Spell Menu Skill Capping.
-Fixed use of negative values on certain scripts.
-Eating Ingredients give 0.75xp. ( Down from 1.25 )
-Added a small additional check for Brawl Fix.

= Version 1.2.0 =
-Updated main script framework.
-Added skill caps based on Player level. ( Not XP Level. )
+Note: Players at Level 1 can only cap skills to 30. This increases as the player levels up. Players at or over Lv35 can maximize their skills to 100+.
-New Command: DFBXPLevelSkillCap - Controls if Player Levels dictate skill caps.
-New Command: DFBXPNotifyBrawl - Shows a message when the brawl is 'safe' to go with.
++Default is disabled.
-Fixed (hopefully) players overcapping and skill being allowed to spend points.
-Nearly all disabled XP Gains have been re-enabled. Default 0.00 XP from them still however.
-Attempted to improve Brawl fix further for users.

= Version 1.1.4 =
-Updated Skill Gain messages to accommodate extra Skill Point gains.
-Updated Patch Message.

= Version 1.1.3 =
-Patcher Script reworked.
-Level Calc XP % adjusted to 5% per level difference. ( Down from 10% )
-Should not longer affect Brawls. ( Did not affect any brawls I tried. )
-Typo Fixed for Training Sessions.
-(Re)Added XP Mod - Skill Menu ( Voice spell ) by request.
-Added new command: DFBXPSpellMenu. Shows or hides the Voice Power.

= Version 1.1.2 =
-Redone Kill Script(s). Now has a Tagging system.
-DFBXPTagger - Default 2, changes how tagging system works. 0 is default. ( Only if you kill. ) 1 is Physical tagging. ( Anything that kills it gives you the XP if you hit it at least once using a bow or melee weapon. ) Note: Spells still use default behaviour! 2 is Auto. ( Auto automatically applies a hidden effect that 'scans' nearby NPCs and checks if they are player or companion kills. Obeys default rules if you or your companion(s) don't get the killing blow. IE: No XP if a guard lands the final blow. )
-Adjusted Base and Bump XP. No longer will feel like you are leveling 'too fast'.
-Base and Bump XP no longer floats.
-Disabled Stolen Horses & Vampire Bites XP Gains.
-Updated Messages to reflect changes.
-Updated Console Commands list.
-Patcher Script being redone, current still in game but not used currently.

= Version 1.1.1 =
-Removed some XP Gains that were too easily abusable or made no sense. ( Bounty, Gold, Chests, Fines, Misc. Objectives, Werewolf Transformations, Stealing. ( Pickpocket makes more sense. ))
-Removed Skill Points gained from Dragon Souls.
-Skill Books grant Skill Points based on DFBXPSkillAmtMult100 Setting.
-Training Sessions grant Skill Points based on (DFBXPSkillAmtMult025*0.75) Setting.

= Version 1.1.0 =
-Added a CAP to Level Calc +%. No longer will give more then 75% Additional XP.
-Lifetime Bounty correctly changed to 0.075 instead of 0.75.
-Patcher updated to reflect changes.
-Training Sessions Mult is back.
-Skill Books, Training Sessions and Dragon Souls grant 1.5 , 1.35 and 2 Skill Points respectfully.

= Version 1.0.8 =
-Updated main script. Players can not longer be higher then XP Level. XP Level will always be at least 50% higher then player.
-Lover's Comfort changed to Bonus Health, Stamina and Magicka + Stamina Regen.

= Version 1.0.7 =
-Updated ReadMe a bit.
-Level Calculation enable by default.
-Skill Calculation costs enabled by default.
-Added SKSE + SkyUI Menu setup. BETA!

= Version 1.0.6 =
-New command: DFBXPLevelCalc. This allows your current mult to change up or down based on level differences. (CurrentMult + ((TargetLevel - PlayerLevel)*(CurrentMult/10)))
-Level Calc Mults will never go below 10% current mult for killing NPCs/Creatures 10 or more levels below the player. ( Prevents negative values and gives at least 10% worth. )
-Removed DFBXPTrack from usage. ( You can still set it but no longer is used. )
-Removed all credit calls, moved to a new global - DFBXPAppend. This XP will be used globally, will in time replace DFBXPCustom for external mods. ( Though both will still be used. )
-If any external mods reduce XP from the player, it will now be processed correctly. Also fixes a bug with negative current XP values.
-Added (optional) effect changes to remove increased skill gains to other effects.
-First Run Script adjusted and Patcher won't run while in combat anymore.

= Version 1.0.4 =
-Patcher up and running.
-Investing in a shop now gives 100xp up from 10xp.
-Dragon kills now give 187.5xp base up from 100xp
-Added list of player usable console commands file.
-Added generic XP gain for Creatures / NPCs that do not have correct actor types. Or no actor types at all.
-Added a check to make sure XP Max is at minimal 100.
-Lowered main script update delay default.
-New command: DFBXPFastUpdate. This makes the time between XP Updates much quicker. May or may not affect other scripts that rely on time updates. Disabled by default

= Version 1.0 =
-Initial (Re)Release