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Let me begin with saying that I know there are a few good mods that add variety and higher level enemies to Skyrim. The original idea being that from "EricW0" in his "Enhanced High Level Gameplay", however, Eric has not been updating his mod since sometime now and I started building this one, please note that I have built this mod from scratch and not used any other mods as a base.

All names provided and lore-friendly, I have done a bit of research on names for Beasts, Bandits etc. before I started the mod.

There is no additional spawning or locations added for the Enemies, also, I have ensured that the probability of my mod spawns are somewhat higher than that of Vanilla.

All Enemies scale along with the player upto level 10000.

Updated some Bosses to scale along with player.

To add to the lore, I have changed resistances & provided Health, Magicka, Stamina benefits to Enemies to make fights tougher and last longer at higher levels.

Some interesting features like Additional food items and loots have been added.

Atronachs added by my Mod will are also summonable, this depends on the player level.

A total of 43 different Enemies/Fauna leveled up so far.

Ver 1.8: Addressed a few bugs that were present in Companion Quest line, thanks to 'dr4cos' and 'Divinelyght' for keeping me informed about issues. Scaled up a few more Opponents in the game.

8 Tiers added to Vigilants of Stendarr. 9 Levels added to Skeletons. Between Dawnguard and Skyrim, there are Skeletons that are not possible to be scaled up as many of the types (Especially Armored Skeletons introduced in Dawnguard) have Draugr presets which are already scaling according to Draugr lvl lists but the names remain as 'Skeleton'. I do not wish to make changes to these types.

6 levels added to Werewolf types.

This would be my final version unless there are any suggestions coming in, which if good and if possible, I would surely incorporate in the Mod.

Ver 1.7: Serana Bug resolved. 6 additional Draugr types added taking the total number of Draugr tiers to 8.

All Enemies scale along with the player upto level 10000.

Updated some Bosses to scale along with player.

Bran, Sceolang, Gamr & CuSith now scale along with the player upto level 10000.

Atronachs added by my Mod will are also summonable, this depends on the player level.


Here, in this mod I have added on to a number of Enemy lists and also to many other Fauna that you may see in Skyrim, the following lists have been enhanced:

1) Bandits: 9 more tiers of Bandits, taking it to a total of 15 tiers. The bandits scale to level 70+. Have added to some lore by changing the weapons of some Bandit type: Most Redguard Bandits (not all) now carry the Scimtar, many woodelves carry an axe. the Armors that you see in the pictures, are from 'Immersive Armors' mod and not a part of this mod.
2) Dwarven Automatons: 7 more Centurions scaling to level 70+, 10 more Dwarven Spheres scaling to level 70+, 10 more Dwarven spiders leveling upto 70+.
I have also incorporated my Dwarven Resistance mod "Dwemer Automatons and the Ruins of Kemel Ze" and also Tweaked the Forgemaster for a tougher fight.
3) Chaurus & Falmers: 9 more added to Chaurus, Chaurus Hunter & Chaurus Reaper leveling scales, bringing it to level 66+. Added 3 more tiers to Falmers scaling them to 65+, added 3 tiers to Dawnguard Falmers and Chaurus Hunters as well.
4) Spiders & Skeevers: Added 8 tiers to all types of Spiders, they now scale to 70+. Added 9 levels to Skeevers, scaling them to level 45+.
5) Added 8 levels to Horkers of Skyrim, they now scale to 45+
6) Wolves, Sabrecats & Bears: Sabrecats now scale to 65+, Wolves scale to 60+ and Bears to 52+. I have also added additional health and stamina to these beings, hopefully making them tougher at higher levels.
7) Trolls: Added 8 levels, taking the scaling to 65+, made some changes to their resistances according to the lore.
8) Witches & Necromancers: These scale to 65+. Witches have 9 additional tiers added, Necromancers have 3 more.
9) Mudcrabs, Deer, Goats, foxes, rabbits: Added 9 levels, with the scaling to 50+, 45+ & 62, 62 & 70 respectively.
10) Spriggans & Companions: Have added 9 tiers, the scaling would be upto 70+ now.
11) Added 5 more tiers to the Forsworns taking the scaling to 65+. Higher Level Forsworns have the ability to heal and minor resistance to physical damage.
12) Added 8 tiers to Vampires. The Vampires added by my mod have varying resistances, some have high level resistances to certain elements.
13) Eight tiers of Draugrs added taking their levels to 70+.
14) 6 More Giants & Mammoths taking their levels to 75+ & 70+ respectively.
15) Eight more types of Hagravens, created a new Leveled list for Hagravens taking their leveling to 70+.
16) Thieves & Assassins: Up to level 70+.
17) 7 tiers of Thalmors added scaling them to level 70+.
18) Added 9 more types of Gargoyles scaling the level to 65+.
19) Added 7 more types of ice Wraiths scaling to level 65+.
20) Added new ingredients and food recipes: Giant Meat, Fox leg, Cajun Fox Stew.
21) Added 8 tiers to the Dawnguard Faction. Dawnguards added by my mod Regenerate Health & Stamina in combat, have minor resistances to Cold, Fire & Shock. The Regeneration & Resistances increases along with their Levels, taking the levels to 70+.
22) Bran, Sceolang, Gamr & CuSith now scale along with the player upto level 70+.
23) Added 8 Levels of Dawnguard Armored trolls taking the levels to 65+.
24) Added 10 tiers to Afflicted, taking their scaling to 70+. There is also a small probability that you may encounter afflicted many levels higher than you when the player is level 25 or more. You may also loot "Afflicted Liver" which has lingering poison effect if eaten, I am not sure if it acts on NPCs when reverse pickpocketed, please provide your feedback, I will try it in the game as well.
25) Added 7 levels of Flame Atronachs, 6 levels of Frost and Storm Atronachs. Made separate leveled lists for the 3 different Atronachs as they were not present.Depending on the Player level my level atronachs may be summoned as well.
26) Made Wisp Mother Scale with the Player.
27) 8 tiers added to Vigilants of Stendarr.
28) 9 Levels to Skeletons.
29) 6 levels to Werewolves.

To Do List:

Suggestions Welcome.



Just Use NMM or manually, you can dump the esp in the data folder.

For best results, please save in indoors, install the mod, wait for 31 days and enjoy.


Q.1) The bandits and some creatures, especially in the interiors have lower level enemies spawning, is the mod not working in interiors?

A.1) This is how Skyrim Works, when your character visits a location, especially interiors, there is some level binding for that location that happens and you would probably get enemies of that level only. I have tried a few such locations and higher level enemies do spawn eventually, however, the probabilty of lower enemies is always high, whatever adjustments I do in the levelled list.

Q.2) Is this mod compatible with other mods that alter levelled lists?

A.2) I would say no, however, it may work fine if you use Bashed patch in Wrye Bash.

Q.3) What about Dragons & dragon Priests?

A.3) There are some awesome mods that provide great leveled gameplay for Dragons & Priests, i would provide links to some of them here soon.

I am open to constructive feedback and willing to make any changes possible by me. Rude comments shall be completely ignored.