Higher Pitched Female EvenToned Shouts - Pitch Shifted by TheHippySeal
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Does your female character not resemble a women who eats the faces of her victims? Maybe, they should sound more, you know, girly? Well download the awesome new pitch shifted voice recordings.

Oh, they're 2.75 semitones higher.

There's now also the rest of the sounds for the player under optional files. However I don't think it worked as well for these voice samples. I recommend using a different voice mod or the female young eager voice type or one of the others.

See my other mod for unique player voiceover.
------Installation Guide-----------
Put the things in the archive in 'Data\Sound\Voice\skyrim.esm\femaleeventoned' and it should work.
Where "skyrim.esm" is a folder name, not a file.extention.
However, if you have other voice mods which replace the same files, and are associated with a later loading esm or esp. They may take precidence.

----------Tutorial on how to Change Sound Files-------------
Exporting Sound Files From Voices.esm
For this I used BSAopt.

Transcoding Sound Files
To do this you need "fuzzexporter.exe" and "xWMAEncode.exe"

Voice file extractor by Agnahim

xWMAEncode.exe is distributed with the Directx SDK provided by Microsoft.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to distribute it.

I'm providing you with the batch file I used, I'm not very good at batch files, but it seems to have worked. Place the .fuz files, the two .exe files, this batch file in a directory and run the batch file.

Batch file

echo "begin extraction process"
echo "Remember that you may want to move the files once they have been extracted otherwise"
echo "it may get confusing or not work when packing them up"
FORFILES /m *.fuz /C "cmd /c fuz_extractor.exe -e @fname.fuz"
FORFILES /m *.xwm /C "cmd /c xWMAEncode @relpath @fname.wav "
echo "press enter to return .wav and .lip to .fuz files"
FORFILES /m *.wav /C "cmd /c xWMAEncode @relpath @fname.xwm "
FORFILES /m *.xwm /C "cmd /c fuz_extractor.exe -c @fname.fuz @fname.xwm @fname.lip"

When it gets to the line where it says "press enter to return .wav and .lip to .fuz files", this is where you leave to edit the .wav files and remove all .fuz and .xwm files. Do not remove the .lip lipsync files.

To edit the files I used audacity and I recommend it. You can shift the pitch and equalise it. If you're not familiar with audio editing, well, I suggest you learn what equalisers do anyway. It may help changing the tone of the voice.

If you have export the tracks with the same filenames, and only have them and .lip files in the directory. Continue the batch file and you should get your new .fuz. Put them in the directory previously discussed and hopefully, be happy.