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Make sure you have the latest version of Skyrim up to date

Dawnguard(until further notice)



THIS MOD REQUIRES DAWNGUARD. So make sure you DO HAVE DAWNGUARD BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEXT UPDATE. DO NOT... Request a NON-DAWNGUARD version. Due to lack of specific models and textures. However, if such models or/and textures become available Dawnguard requirement could be removed.

DO NOT comment regarding her looks. I have honestly tried to make her look as good as possible using vanilla assets and am continuing to tweak her looks. I think she looks decent. To say that she looks ugly, that she requires an overhaul or even make her look like one of the overhauls is DISCOURAGING to me. It really is. Unless you know anything about making stand-alones or offering to make a stand-alone look or improving her look then do not post comments in regards to how she looks. If you want some sexy, skimpy thrall to follow you there are plenty of those out there. Comments associated with such... topics will result in blockage from the file. Just as personal take (and a response to those who have posted regarding their dissatisfaction on her looks "not pretty enough", "make her pretty" "ugly"etc)

WHAT'S NEW IN: V1.475(Released 31/12/2013)

V1.475 fixes the Whiterun flooded bug.

Below are the following notes. PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING/PLAYING. A loose file version will be released tomorrow.

- Voice files, not even silent ones have been generated for side line characters. As such dialogue skipping will occur
- Only some of Arweden's lines are voiced, voiced dialogue includes some greetings, trade dialogue and cutscene dialogue
- Main characters associated with quests included in the update have a 7 second silent voice file attached in their respective cutscenes. These of course will be replaced with full fledged voiced dialogue.
- All quests included are playable.
- I have a new voice actress to voice Arweden once again.
- Due to reasonably large amounts of new content, the file size/download is significantly larger (which is expected). Much of the voice files, however, are unoptimised thus the main packaged file (which will be updated) will be smaller than the initial release after I pack them properly.

CHAPTER 1 has been released! Subsequent updates will therefore be aimed at improving this update which includes:
- Voiced dialogue
- Bug fixes
- Custom meshes/textures
- Minor quests
- Improvements to exterior/interiors


CONTACT: Contact me via the comments for any problems/bugs or PM me. When posting bugs or problems please post a DETAILED comment or describe your problem as MUCH as you can. I won't help if you're posting single line vague comments.

This the second companion mod I have made and in many ways the successor of my previous companion mod;'Companion Ria - REVISED' ( , a revision of a stand-alone companion mod which aimed to improve character, personality and of course the addition of new dialogue. Though it adds more than 1000+ lines of dialogue, most of it was randomised and merely controlled via a single topic, 'What are your current thoughts'. This mod by all means aims to surpass my first companion mod.

This mod does not aim to compete with Vilja, Cerwiden or Odvar... In fact competition is not my aim. My aim is just to create a companion (NOT a follower, a thrall etc) who has a distinct personality, character and of course lots and lots of dialogue (more dialogues in future updates). I believe it's all coming into place. My emphasis is ON HER CHARACTER, HER in general and not on features as such dialogue is my main concern and focus along with a nice little adventure you and her will get to embark on... One Chapter At A Time.

Unlike Companion Ria, skipping of dialogue shouldn't occur. I have generated silent voice files for unvoiced.. Which is quite time consuming. However, in time all dialogue will be fully voiced. It may take some time for the characters to "say" what they need to in scenes as all silent voice files give enough time for slow readers (but not too long)

Lastly, Arweden uses the default Follower system. I highly recommend using a Follower Overhaul mod like UFO or others.

It should work with UFO. Simply load it after UFO. Screenshots and Videos confirm that it does work (for me it does and with other tests on other computers). This is because Arweden still uses the vanilla voice type, so her vanilla voice pops up every now and then, I CAN make her a unique voice type but I've yet to figure out how to make it Follower Friendly that way. Some day... Besides a unique voice type might make her incompatible with follower overhauls such as UFO so I am in no rush to separate her vanilla voice type any time soon.

DON'T FORGET TO ENDORSE IF YOU LIKE/ENJOY THIS MOD! It really does help encourage me to keep improving the mod and such. I don't do it to be popular but I guess it shows that you know?? That people care? You can donate if you want.

I'm working on prettying up the page too so bear with me.

This mod adds a new companion to the game. Which so far includes (will be updated)
- Over +1000 lines of dialogue
* Player is able to ask her thoughts based on the CURRENT location
* UNIQUE greetings
* Location based Commentary and Dialogue (Major Holds, Dwemer Ruins, Nordic Ruins and Caves. Also includes High Hrothgar and Skyhaven Temple)
* Dialogue on Main Quest
* Jokes, Riddles and Witty Comments (added in v1.3 through a new topic)

++ Quest Awareness will come later and become intergrated with future updates. More dialogue on other locations and topics in the world of Skyrim is a continuing project.

- Has her own personality, character and background story.
* You'll get to know her in-game via dialogue and a journal she keeps.

- Her own weapon. Unique.
* Credit goes to 'lKocMoHaBTl'
* Stats are slightly higher than that of an Elvern Sword but definitely not overpowered. It's speed/weapon swing, however, is slightly higher. Unenchanted... for now. Sword's history will be expanded on. Will NOT be usable as of V1.4

- Custom/Unique Armor.
* Armor Rating is only slightly higher than that of glass.
* Credit goes to maty743 for his masterpiece... Seriously. Brilliant job (Cape, Helm not included). Link:

- More Custom Armor
* Obtained later on...

- A Main Quest
* Divided into Chapters, the story arcs will take the player through dungeons unfamiliar to the general Skyrim landscape. Detailed dungeons, new characters to interact with and of course LORE FRIENDLY.

(This section will explain Arweden, who she is, dialogue and skills/abilities in further detail)


Arweden is a young Altmer girl from the Summerset Isles, renamed Alinor by the Thalmor in honor of their capital which also serves as the centre of the Aldmeri Dominion. She fled the Isles after a recent uprising leading to the death of many Altmer including her family and some friends. Fleeing to Tamriel she fled to Skyrim in hopes to escape the Dominion's grasp.

Like most Altmer, she is haughty, not afraid to express opinions be it good or bad and traits of superiotiy... But there's something different about THIS Altmer... Born to parents which defy Altmer tradition, deep down she harbors emotions long locked away and personal struggles over her race's origins. You'll come to see these traits are noticable through her dialogue and topics. She also has a journal you can read.. With her permission of course.


Like most Altmer is is rather intelligent. She was a student at the Academy back home and left when she fled. As such she is very educated and considers herself an adept pupil back there. She loves riddles, problems and puzzles of all sorts and LOVES solving them and through interactions one can be asked several riddles for entertainment. She also has some rather racial oriented jokes and some witty comments regarding the world around her. She can also be asked about rumors around Skyrim (though she may go off topic) and as you complete quests more "rumors" will be unlocked. Be sure to check her "Questions topic (I have something to ask)" for more questions added as you progress through Arweden's storyline.

She has many random commentaries to say during her travels. Many of which are location based. One could also ask about her thoughts on the current location though that is limited to certain areas such as Holds and Cities/Towns.

In short she has much to say and loves to express her opinions... According to her they're of great importance wether you believe it or not.


Quests are a definite. I won't reveal much of my plans for quests but I will reveal the format in which they will be in. It's not necessarily how many quests will be done. In fact. There will only be ONE Main Quest. But there will be many objectives. The mod's storyline will be divided into Chapters, each reasonably sized with many objectives. At this stage I have planned for 5 Chapters to explore Arweden's story and a bit on Altmer culture and the Thalmor. So far I have released one quest, however, it serves more as a prologue to the mod and uphold my promise of quests. I will create screenshots, art images... All to promote a "chapter". And possibly a trailer to each Chapter. That's all I'll say for now. I assure you, you'll be quite surprised what I have planned... Prepare to be surprised, prepare for the unexpected.


Unlike many Altmer she is somewhat adept in using blades at close range, however, freely switches between Destruction and Alteration spells at longer ranges. She even uses a sword and a spell, one on each hand sometimes. She also has various perks:
- Bladesman 30
- Destruction Adept
- Alteration Adept
- Resotation Apprentice
- Destruction Duel Casting
- Critical Charge
- Alteration Duel Casting
- Deflect Arrows

She can be asked in-game about her abilities as well.

So with that elaborated in detail are you prepared to allow this young Altmer join you on your travels?

How she looks is dependant on any facial overhaul mods you've installed. I haven't and don't use/installed any of these kind of mods. I try to make faces using vanilla assets to the best of my ability while trying to maintain 'beauty'. I don't want her to look like plastic or overdone with make up. Nor do I plan on making her nude. As such it is UP TO THE USER on how she should/would look. I would, however, appreciate any images/screenshots on your own take/design on Arweden. Feel free to upload to the mod page so all can see.

I prefer a natural, youthful look for Arweden and I'm no good at designing faces so her facial appearance is a WIP as well! I do, however, appreciate help any sort of help to improve her facial appearance. I'm trying to make a stand-alone/non-dependant Arweden on EEO, not working so far but I am still trying.

Be patient and watch Arweden evolve before your eyes... Seek the screenshots uploaded to see her future transformations.

You'll find her in Solitude, the Winking Skeever inn, on the 2nd floor, the same floor as the inn rooms. Talk to her.

Installation for this mod is meant to be easy and simple... Mainly so that I don't get stupid questions such as how to install and uninstall. Scripts used will be removed from save if deleted/uninstalled. Comes packaged in esp and BSA for easy installation.

Updates require NO Clean Saves (for now). Simply Over-write the previous version and its files.

No other files are required.

Extract to Desktop then to Data.

For users with 1.45, download the patch (1.47) then override/replace the esp

Load the Skyrim Launcher, go to Data and check to make sure its loaded. Then Play!

A SEQ file has been generated to bypass the dialogue bug introduced after Skyirm's v1.7 update



SAVE. Exit Skyrim, unload then delete the esp and BSA.





Load Skyrim then SAVE again.

- Expand and continue to add more dialogue and interactions with Arweden
- Replace Vanilla voice with Arweden's
- More quests which explain Arweden's backstory and storyline.
- Possible Functionality e.g. summon her, ask favors..

1.475 - Whiterun Flooded Bug fixed.

1.47 - Dragons will now be compatible with the new worldspace added by the mod and are able to perch, fly around etc. Aldmeri guards are essential. All armor added by the mod are now temper-able. New armor added have been tweaked. They are now stronger and worth more. More clutter and detail added to certain areas. Fixed dialogue conditions.

1.46 - Fixes the elven light armor and elven shield bug

1.45 - Includes NEW ARMOR. Ayleid ghosts now have unique Ayleid armor. A full set can be found scattered around the Mathmeldi ruins. Ruins now even more cluttered. A LOT MORE dialogue now voiced, courtesy of Anna, voice actress for Interesting NPCs and the famous follower mod, Anduniel. Also includes further bug fixes

1.4 - Features 3 quests into the main storyline, an Ayleid ruin (new location, new dungeons), new weapons and armor as well as characters (which will be developed in later updates), as well as more interactions and dialogue with and from Arweden. Future updates are aimed at expanding the 1.4 release as well as bug fixing.

1.3 - New Dialogue again! Riddles, jokes and witty comments avaliable through a new topic. A QUEST! To obtain a unique set of armor, unique to Skyrim at least. SOME voice... But limited. So I DID promise there would be voice... But not much. Unfortunately due to problems.

1.2 - New Dialogue! Commentaries/IdleDialogue/GreetingsDialogue on: Main Quest, more on Riften, the player being Dragonborn and Skyrim in general. REPLACED Vanilla Follower Dialogue with UNIQUE ones. Improved facial appearance, slightly adjusted browes, mouth. Set her as NightBlade class and gave her adept spells in Destruction/Alteration. Has perks.

1.1 - New Dialogue! Commentaries/IdleDialogue/GreetingsDialogue on: Nordic Ruins, Dwemer Ruins, Caves, High Hrothgar, Skyhaven Temple. New Greetings based on Skyrim current events and her own thoughts. Improved facial appearance (Look at screenshots). Minor spelling mistake fixes

1.05 - Uploaded Loose File version which hopefully fixes Tint and Dialogue Skipping bug. Fixed spelling and Journal mistakes.

1.0 - Initial Release

You may NOT reupload this mod anywhere without my permission. You must PM me to discuss any sort of topics in regards to this.

Bethesda Softworks for the Elder Scrolls Series. In this case, TESV: Skyrim.

Voice of Arweden: Anduniel

Voice of Lord Carenen: Me

Arweden's Sword from: Equipment Of Eternal Shine - Elven Overhaul. Sword and mod credited to 'lKocMoHaBTl' who has done a wonderful job!

maty743 for allowing me permission to implement his beautiful Mithril Armor to this project. I also inform all that ANY permission regarding this armor must be directed to him. Link:

jgreybear for Alfheim Knight armor, used as Ayleid Armor in this mod

blary for Alchemical Resources

Riddles obtained through the Elder Scrolls RIddle collection in the Imperial Library (NO CHEATING USE YOUR HEAD)

Jokes obtained through the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Forums I encountered.. Credit goes to the appropriate users who posted their jokes. Jokes also obtained through existing lore, Books of Riddles found in previous ES titles.

Ayleid Resources from Adabala Building System - Ayleid Transfusion, by Varlaisaran who has done a spectacular job!!

I would like to thank the community for helping me! Especially Mujuro concerning scenes and conditions that govern how events turn out in-game.

Not everyone may see this but I'll explain anyway. I am quite content to keep this mod ONLY on Nexus. Too much have I seen mods being re uploaded by those who could not be bothered to create their own... In short, stealing and taking credit for mods which are not their own. As such I have stayed well away from Steam and if you see this mod uploaded at all on Steam, ensure that you contact me so I can properly take action. Thanks.