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Hi All;)

I wondered why all of the weapons of iron (and not only) have the same texture and even rust ... Exactly! So time to change!

I think the residents SKYRIM already knew about it, the skin can be dyed ...
Blacksmith forges weapon so - you should see the traces of his hammers and pliers ...
Rivet heads or pins and even nails could be of tarnished .. in time is the norm.
So look screenshots.
Even if you do not fight with iron weapons let them fight NPCs

DESCRIPTION what's new

- All weapons of iron were given new textures in 2 * greater resolution ...
- Fixed decals weapons ... (Resolution)
- Sharper emphasize weapon (imitation of a blacksmith hammer blows)
- Tarnished rivets and nails ... (imitation aging weapons)
- Colored blades and decorative rings ...
- Colored leather trimmings weapons (sometimes even in 3 colors!)
- Improved resolution alpha channels ... (better rendering)
- Improved the effects of incidence of light on the weapon ...

The modification does not interfere in setting the value of combat weapons - only improves the rendering and texturing ...
Despite the larger resolution 2 * mod does not affect game performance (usually in the game does not appear in 1000 with iron weapons at the same time :)
Mod is compatible with all game modifications that do not interfere with the texture of weapons of iron ...

If my work you like it please vote ...


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