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Stats By Perks
by 1000101

Release: 1

SKSE Release 28 (1.06) or later required.


Why I Made It:

This mod was created after a similar mod using ScriptDragon was temporarily
not up to date (ScriptDragon wasn't updated inline with the game patches and
it's website has disappeared completely)

What It Does:

This mod computes and assigns magicka, health and stamina (MHS) based on what
perks you take. It will also improve your shout cooldowns (fortify shout).
Certain perks will count for more than others and some may count for nothing
at all. I've used an "intuitive assignment" method for the effect any given
perk will have. You may or may not agree with these assignments, if you don't
like what I've done you are free to fire up the Creation Kit and reassign the

How It Works:

This mod will sit idly by until you exit the stats menu at which point it will
look at the perks the player has and compute the MHS stats as well as shout
cooldown. This mod does NOT modify the perks themselves, it just maintains a
number of form lists (eg: SBPStamina5 contains all the perks which will improve
stamina 5 points, SBPStamina10, SBPShout01000, etc), scans those lists and
computes the values from those. If new values for your MHS or your perk based
shout cooldowns changes a notification will appear in the corner letting the
you know what changed.

See the accompanying "Stats By Perks.ods" spreadsheet (requires Open Office
(it's free!)) for a complete breakdown of the effects of perks.

A few more notes about the mods current functionality:

1) Only the vanilla Skyrim perks have any effect. Any mod which changes these
perks will have no effect on this mod. However, any mod which adds perks,
said added perks will have no effect. Compatibility patches to come for
major popular mods (I use Elys's (Community) Uncapper and Uncapped Perks)
in the future.

2) The MHS changes are destructive. Once done they can not be undone. There
is no way around this as there is no way to maintain a backup of your vanilla
MHS progression.

3) Shout cooldowns (fortify shout) are applied as abilities are are non-
destructive. Turning this option off will remove the abilities.

4) The difficulty option doesn't work right now. I can't seem to be able to
retrieve the game difficulty but I am still working on it.

5) Sorry about crappy readme, I'm a programmer not a document writer.