Kohdi Retextures Part 1 - The Ebony Blade by Kohdi
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Kohdi's Retextures Part 1 - The Ebony Blade

This mod simply retextures the Ebony Blade so that a higher degree of detail is visible, along with a bit of gilding on the katana's tsuba (the hilt) and a revamped normal map. No stats are changed, simply place the "textures" folder into Skyrim's "data" folder and enjoy. The change isn't huge or even exciting, it just adds some things I thought might look better.

(note on the pictures, the red spots on the blade are part of its enchantment, not its texture)

Q: The texture looks the same, what happened?
A: Make sure the folder structure is correct, to find the textures you should have to use the path Skyrim -> Data -> Textures -> Weapons -> EbonyBlade.

Q: I have an idea for another retexture!
A: Great, send me your idea in a PM, and I may consider it. I'm mainly going to retexture things depending on whether or not I think they need it, for example I don't think the Blades armor needs it but the sword definitely does. *hint*

v1.0 - 12/5/12 - Initial Release

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