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New Alchemy Effects
===Before you use===
- This mod reduces the cost of craft potions,and slows the Alchemy leveling.If you do not like playing slower,or lower valued craft potions,I do not reccomend using this mod.Even if you are a master alchemist,Craft potions cost like 0 to 50.(selling them is cheaper than this)

(1) - New effects.
(2) - New ingredients and Convert items.
(3) - Vanilla Potions.
(4) - Craftable potions.
(5) - Upgrade potions.
(6) - Perks.
(7) - No damage weapons.
(8) - Explosive arrows.
(9) - Comparisons with vanilla.
(10) - Compatibility
(11) - Version Infomations.

Alchmey Lab and Anvil will be added in Whiterun.(take the right path after entering the city.)
You can find Alchemy labs in most of alchemy shops.(version 1.2)

(1) === New effects ===
These effects are added to ingredients.

Version 1.0
- Absorb Health,Magicka,Stamina
- Fire,Frost,Shock Damage
- Lingering Absorb Health,Magicka,Stamina
- Lingering Fire,Frost,Shock Damage
- Berserk
- Banish
- Light,Torch Light
- Ethereal
- Night Eye
- Shield
- Damage Armor Rate
- Absorb Spell
- Soul trap
- Summon Flame,Frost,Storm Atronachs.
- Summon Famillier
- Water walking
- Beast Form
- Detect Life,Undead
- Disarm
- Reflect Damage
- Dragonrend
- Muffle
- Silence
- Command Daedra,Creatures,Humanoid
- Fortify Unarmed
- Fortify Shout
- Stagger
- Slow Time
- Unrelenting Force
- Lingering Restore Health,Magicka,Stamina
- Fire,Frost,Shock Explosion
- Cure Poison
- Fire,Frost,Shock Cloak
- Fortify Destruction,Conjuration,Alteration,Illusion,Restoration.

version 1.1
-Fortify Speed
-Summon Flaming Thrall
-Summon Dremora
-Resist Arrow
-Contagious Damage Health,Fire,Frost,Shock

"Known Issues and explanations"
I have no knowledges of scripting,and will not ever some effects do not work correctly.

- If other mods overwrite vanilla scripts,some of my mod effects might not work.
- Detect Life/Undead do not work correctly.(If there were a wall,they would not work.)
- Silence,Disarm do not work sometimes as well.(I have no idea why)
- If some effects are in one potion,some of them might not work.
- Berserk effect is almost same as Orc's power,and also increases spell attacks.
- Fortify Destruction,Conjuration,Alteration,Illusion,Restoration effects reduce Percentages of magicka costs.(There are 2 types of Fortify magic skills in this mod.If you want another one,use vanilla potions.)
- Contagious Damage do not work with bows sometimes.It might be because of Stagger,Paralyze perks.It worked fine with melee weapons.(This effect is Area damage)
- Shield,Damage armor rate,Reflect damage potions will stack.(I am not sure how much Reflect damage stacks)
- Night Eye color is changed.This might look bad for others.Using vanilla stats is always better,but I hate that white forgive me even if you did not like night eye color.
- Blind is very intresting effect.If enemies lost you,they will not detect you easily.(They only detect sounds during the effect,just like Falmer.Falmer is not perfectly blind though.)

===Removed Effects===
These effects are removed from ingredients.

- Damage Magicka
- Damage Magicka Regen
- Damage Stamina
- Damage Stamina Regen
- Ravage Magicka,Stamina
- Fortify Block,Enchanting,Heavy Armor,Light Armor,Lockpicking,Marksman,One Handed,Pick Pocket,Smithing,Sneak,Two Handed

Fortify skill effects can be found from vanilla potions.So if you want them,buy them.or you can craft their first grade.

(2) === New Ingredients and Convert Items===
Foods,Minerals,Gems,Pelts and some more items are used as Alchemy Ingredients.They are sold by Merchants.You can also convert them at Alchemy labs that are added most of alchemy shops.This converting increases alchemy skill.(This might be the easiest way to increase the skill)

Tomato (Food) ? Tomato (Ingredients)
Ale (Food) ? Ale (Ingredients)
Ruby (Misc) ? Ruby (Ingredients)
Silver Ore (Misc) ? Silver Ore (Ingredients)
Ebony Ingot (Misc) ? 2 Ebony Ore (Ingredients)
Silver ring (Apparel) ? Silver ore (Ingredients)
Gold Diamond necklace Ring (Apparel) ? Flawless Diamond (Ingredients)
Dragon Bone (Misc) ? Dragon Bone (Ingredient)
Wolf Pelt (Misc)? Wolf Pelt (Ingredients)

(3) === Vanilla Potions ===
All potions are balanced to this mod,and renamed.Potion's weights are 0.1 to 0.5.

-Weak Fear Poison (Magnitude = 5,Duration=30,Weight=0.5,Value=98)
This mod
-Poison of Fear I (Magnitude = 20,Duration = 20, Weight=0.1, Value=48)

These potions are replaced,and are sold.
-Damage Stamina = Absorb Stamina
-Damage Stamina Linger = Absorb stamina Linger
-Damage Magicka = Absorb Magicka
-Damage Magicka Linger =Absorb Magicka Linger
-Damage Magicka Rate = Silence
-Damage Stamina Rate = Damage Armor Rate

New Potions
-Fire,Frost,Shock Damage (linger)
-Absorb health (linger)

Herluin Lothaire (at the Ragged Flagon) will sell Thieves catche potions.

(4) === Craftable potions ===
At Alchemy Lab,requires 75 alchemy skill.You can also craft first grade of vanilla potions if you have 25 alchemy skill.

Perk potions
You will be able to unlock these perks temporaly with this potions.
- Advanced Armor
- Arcane Blacksmith
- Daedric,Dragon,Dwarven,Ebony,Elven,Glass,Orchish,Steel Smithing
- Extra Effect
- Master of the mind
- Merchant
- Perfect touch
- Shadow Warrior
- Twin Souls
- Unbreakable
- Sweap
- Quiet Casting
- Light Foot
- Shield Charges
- Deflect Arrow

Example recipe.(You need 4 different grades of same Fortify skill potions.)
-Advanced Armor=Fortify Smithing I + Fortify Smithing II + Fortify Smithing III + Fortify Smithing IV

Useful Potions
These potions might be over-powered.

- Dead Thrall (Fortify conjuration I + II + III + IV)
- Command Automaton (Dwarven Oil + Moon sugar)
- Command Undead (Bone meal + Moon sugar)
- Damage Undead (Fire Salt + Silver ore)
- Damage Automaton (Dwarven Oil + Void Salts)
- Alchemist's Luck (10 Nirnroot)
- Summon Bear (bear pelt + 2 bear claws)
- Summon Cave Bear (cave bear pelt + 2 bear claws)
- Summon Snow Bear(snow bear pelt + 2 bear claws)
- Summon Churus (2 churus eggs + churus chitin + grand soulgem)
- Summon Dog (2 dog meat)
- Summon Dwarven Centurion (dwarven oil + centurion dynamo core)
- Summon Dwarven Sphere (dwarven oil + dwemer cog)
- Summon Dwarven Spider (dwarven oil + dwemer gyro)
- Summon (white )Frostbite Spider (2 frostbite venom)
- Summon Giant (2 giant toes)
- Summon Hagraven (hagraven feather + hagraven claws)
- Summon Horker (horker tusk + horker meat)
- Summon Ice Wraith (ice wraith teeth + ice wraith essence)
- Summon Mammoth (mammoth snout + mammoth tusk)
- Summon Mudcrab (2 mudcrab chitin)
- Summon Sabre Cat (sabre cat pelt + sabre cat tooth + eye of sabre cat)
- Summon Snowy Sabre Cat (sabre cat snow pelt + sabre cat tooth + eye of sabre cat )
- Summon Skeever (2 skeever tail)
- Summon Skeleton (2 bone meal)
- Summon Spriggan Matron (spriggan sap + taproot)
- Summon Spriggan (spriggan sap + taproot)
- Summon (Frost )Troll (2 troll fat)
- Summon Wisp Mother (wisp wrapping + glow dust)
- Summon (red)Wolf (2 wolf pelt)
- Summon Ice Wolf (2 ice wolf pelt)

=Thieves guild potions=
At Alchemy Lab,requires to join The Thieves Guild,50 Alchemy skill.Thieves guild potions are craftable from Ingredients.

- Bear Claw + Luna moth = Potion of Conflict I.
- 2 Bear Claw + 2 Luna moth = Potion of Conflict II.
- Potion of conflict I + Potion of conflict I = Potion of Conflict II.
- Potion of Conflict II + Potion of Conflict II = Potion of Conflict III.

(5) === Upgrade Potion ===
At Alchemy Lab.requires 50 Alchemy skill. The same potions can be combined,and get stronger potions.Crafted potions can NOT be combined.

Example recipes.
- Potion of Restore Health I + Potion of Restore Health I = Potion of Restore Health II
- Potion of Restore Health II + Potion of Restore Health II = Potion of Restore Health III

(6) === Perks ===
Many perks skill requirements are lowered.

Poisoner 1 (30 alchemy skill)
-Poisons you mix are 10% more effective. Silently harm enemies by placing poisons in their pockets.
Poisoner 2 (50 alchemy skill)
-Poisons you mix are 15% more effective.

Physician 1 (25 alchemy skill)
-Potions you mix that restore Health, Magicka or Stamina are 10% more powerful.
Physician 2 (50 alchemy skill)
-Potions you mix that restore Health, Magicka or Stamina are 15% more powerful.

Experimenter 1 (35 alchemy skill)
-Eating an ingredient reveals first two effects.
Experimenter 2 (50 alchemy skill)
-Eating an ingredient reveals first three effects.
Experimenter 3 (75 alchemy skill)
Eating an ingredient reveals all it's effects.

Concentrated Poison 1 (40 alchemy skill)
-Poisons applied to weapons last for twice as many hits.
Concentrated Poison 2 (75 alchemy skill)
-Poisons applied to weapons last for four times as many hits.

Green Thumb 1 (50 alchemy skill)
-Two ingredients are gathered from plants.
Green Thumb 2 (80 alchemy skill)
-Four ingredients are gathered from plants.

(7) === No damage Weapons ===
No damage Bows,Arrows are craftable at Anvil in Whiterun.

- Example recipe
- 10 Daedric arrow ? 10 Daedric Practice Arrow
- Dwarven bow + Hammer = Dwarven Practice bow

These weapons do no damages to npcs,so attacking is not crime.I think the best usages of this weapons are with frenzy effect.

(8) === Explosive Arrows ===
At Anvil,requires 75 Alchemy skill. Ingredients are Aarrow + Ingredient + Skooma.

- Example recipes
- Daedric Arrow of Frenzy = Daedric Arrow + Troll Fat + skooma
- Ebony Arrow of Fire explosion = Ebony arrow + Fire salt + Skooma

- Frenzy = Troll fat
- Calm = Moon sugar
- Fear = Powdered Mammmoth tusk
- Soultrap = Salt
- Silence =Blue Butterfly wing
- Fire = Fire Salt
- Frost = Frost Salt
- Shock = Void Salt
- Paralyze = Imp stool
- Turn Undead = Garlic

You can also craft small Fire,Frost,Shock explosive arrows with Filled Soul gem.Using better soul gems give you stronger arrows.

(9) === Comparisons with vanilla====
- Cost of crafted potions are reduced.
- Fortify Health,Magicka,Stamina potions will stack in this mod.
- Most of crafted-potion's "duration" are depending on your alchemy skill and perks in this mod.
- Frenzy,Fear effects are enhanced.
- Fortify Carry Weight potions duration is 900 seconds in this mod.(vanilla = 300 seconds)
- All "Weakness" effects durations are 60 seconds in this mod.(vanilla=30 seconds)
- Ravage Health works like Oblivion's drain spell.This effect reduces maximum health for 60 seconds.Then health will recover.(vanilla = 10 seconds.)
- Weakness to Poison spell is added.(ruined book + grand soulgem)
- Fishs(ingredients) and Dragon flies spawn 6 now.(vanilla = 3)
- Fortify Alchemy Enchantments are lowered (this mod = 3,5,8,10,12,15%.vanilla = 12,15,17,20,22,25%)
- Foods recipes will not show up until you have the certain ingredients.
- Cooking will increase your alchemy skill a little.(This might be the most fast way to skill up.)
- Craft potion weights are 0.25 in this mod. (vanilla = 0.5)
- Regenarate effects are not very useful in vanilla,but in this mod they regenerate health,magicka,stamina very fast for some seconds.(I was thinking to remove this effects,so this was the only solution.)
-Invisiblity effect is weak.(Potion of Invisibility IV=15seconds. Vanilla=50seconds.)

(10) === Compatibility ===
I think This mod does not compatible with other alchemy overhaul mod,and mods that changes Magic Effects.(Depends on Load-Order.) As long as I know some Magic over haul mod changes Alchemy Magic Effects,so Load this mod after them.
The biggest problem is there are many mod that added New Ingredients.They sometimes have unique stats or use vanilla stats.Using their ingredients might not good idea.(You might get VERY strong potions and increase alchemy skill alot.)
I think Restore Health,Stamina,Magicka.Damage Health,Cure Disease,Fortify Carry weight,Fortify Skill effects might be fine.(In this mod,They are stronger or same magnitude.)

(11) === Version Informations===
There are so many changes,so I have no idea what I exactly changed,added.
Version 1.1
-Many bugs are fixed.(most of them are crafting recipes.)
-Hammers are craftable at the Anvil.
-Many Potions are renamed.
-New Perks are added.
-Effects stats are changed,and re-balanced,re-weighted.
-Merchants sell more ingredients.
-Jarinroot,Crimson Nirnroot are craftable.
-Command Undead,Damage automaton,Dead Thrall,Shield Charge,Deflect arrow potions are added.
-Fortify Speed,Summon Flaming Thrall,Summon Dremora,Blind,Resist Arrow,Contagious Damage Health/Fire/Frost/Shock effects are added.
-Many ingredients graphics,names,weights are changed.
-No damage weapons are re-named.
-Fortify alchemy magnitudes are lowered.
-Explosion arrows are craftable with filled soul gems.
-Many items are useable as Ingredients.(pelts,hide,cooked food and more)
-Ingot gives you 2 ores.
-Cooking food increases alchemy skill.
-Vanilla potions are re-named,re-balanced.
-Nighteye color changed
-Atronach forge recipes are added.(Fire,Frost,void salts,Daedra heart are craftable at the lab)
-Jewelies give you an ingredient.
-Many recipes are added.
-and many more....

on Version 1.2....
-will change Foods stats.(last like half a day or something.making differences between potions and foods are very hard to think.)
-will change Merchants containers.(they will sell different items)
-will change Ingredients stats.(rare ingredients have better/multiple effects)
-will add Ingredients Recipes.(I need them,but super boring to create....probabry the last thing I will do,so i am not sure when i will add them.)
-will add different stats bows.(faster but weak and have more critical damage.slower but very strong damage or something like that.)

I never thought first ideas of this mod became like this,so I am not sure about these as well.

Thanks for reading to the end.and sorry for my english skill.