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Added: 06/12/2012 - 02:48AM
Updated: 17/05/2015 - 08:00AM

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Last updated at 8:00, 17 May 2015 Uploaded at 2:48, 6 Dec 2012

Hi People, This is My 2nd Follower Mod
Sorry for my Bad English, i'm Chilean.
This mod add Female Follower, Isi, Ranger-Assassin with multiple Perks(Bladesman,Stealth, A lot more), And Marriable

Please tell me if u have a bug or something like that, or a picture
She can Level Up With you, from 1 to 100(Tested, and work)
I Hope you Enjoy, Comment, Send pics(? XD, and a lot more.
I'll try Upload Pics of Unp Body, But if someone can help me, i'll be grateful :D.

04/03/15, Just wanna say if you have some bug on the last version i uploaded, download the old version, because seems isi has a bug with her voice and temple of kynareth, i need to fix this but i'm doing other things ATM, will fix this when i have time
Update 3.0
TIME AGO i didnt update this, now like myself edited things a lot, inclusing the msn(its like fitness, but a little more, but no muscles at arms for ex)
TBBP Body (Works with HDT system, And HDT collision)
well its like she changer a lot, but, probably gonna fix some things soon
nerfed a little since she could kill everyone in skyrim without losing hp
The only requeriment i guess is xp32 skeleton, or ur game gonna crash (i think, i mean a skeleton compatible with BBP-TBBP)
and much wet texture, changed glossines of nif from 30 to 500, if u dont want this u need revert it with nifskope (pm me if u dont know)

Update 2.5B
Added BBP for UNPB Redux Project More SG textures, not chaged anything in the face
In Personal, i prefeer this
Update 2.5
Sorry since LONG TIME i do not update this mod, Now i edit the face
Eyes, Body, etc
For now only be Sevenbase (UNPB) Body + TBBP
(U need XPMS Skeleton)
Now she has Fair Skin + Sevenbase + Hardened Body, i hope u enjoy :)

Update 2.0
Updated time ago lol, Added Barbarian, Tatoos, Sweaty Skin, BBP Etc
i think i'm not updating anymroe cbbe, except if much peope use it, because i dont like much cbbe
And added A Few Spells :D
Update 1.80
Updated Her Face, minos tweaks
Cbbe Version: BBP,Tan Lines,Wet,Sporty
Unp Version: BBP, Navetsea, Sweaty Body,UNPB
Btw, i the pictures she has bikini, the download version is Nude Version, so relax :P
Notify Me if u have an error, or runs good
Update 1.50
I updated 2 Updated Version
Unp=Navetsea Skin, Coverwomen Look3
Cbbe= BBP(Phsyics), Fitness Body- Sporty Sexy Wet Skin-Coverwomen Look 3
And changed Eyes colours
Now both are in temple of kynareth(anyways, u only can have 1 at the same time)
Update 1.20(again)
Now i Uploaded An Unp Version Isi, with same face, and navetsea textures
BTW, UNP Version is in Temple of Kynareth
Update 1.20
I Underpowered she a little, try to fix the npc for some persons, and she is now in The Winking Skeever on solitude
Update 1.00
Now she's Standalone Version, no other mods requires :D
Where is she?
She's In Temple of Kynareth, In Whiterun

Thanks to All developers of these mods, and creation kit -Bethesa
Caliente(CBBE Body)
LogRaam (Eyes of Beauty)
Creator of UNPB Redux Project (XPMS)
SG Textures
apachii (Apachii Hair)
Brows of lthot