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Added: 06/12/2012 - 02:48AM
Updated: 17/08/2015 - 04:00AM

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Last updated at 4:00, 17 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 2:48, 6 Dec 2012

Another version of isidora

08/14/15 Gonna update the esp between today and tomorrow, will change her voice so she wont be bugged and will add some perks, for people who still use this(and add another body option)

08/10/15 GONNA Update this mod between today and tomorrow, this mod had a lot of bugs as i saw, seems what happens

04/03/15, Just wanna say if you have some bug on the last version i uploaded, download the old version, because seems isi has a bug with her voice and temple of kynareth, i need to fix this but i'm doing other things ATM, will fix this when i have time
Update 3.0
TIME AGO i didnt update this, now like myself edited things a lot, inclusing the msn(its like fitness, but a little more, but no muscles at arms for ex)
TBBP Body (Works with HDT system, And HDT collision)
well its like she changer a lot, but, probably gonna fix some things soon
nerfed a little since she could kill everyone in skyrim without losing hp
The only requeriment i guess is xp32 skeleton, or ur game gonna crash (i think, i mean a skeleton compatible with BBP-TBBP)
and much wet texture, changed glossines of nif from 30 to 500, if u dont want this u need revert it with nifskope (pm me if u dont know)

Update 2.5B
Added BBP for UNPB Redux Project More SG textures, not chaged anything in the face
In Personal, i prefeer this
Update 2.5
Sorry since LONG TIME i do not update this mod, Now i edit the face
Eyes, Body, etc
For now only be Sevenbase (UNPB) Body + TBBP
(U need XPMS Skeleton)
Now she has Fair Skin + Sevenbase + Hardened Body, i hope u enjoy :)

Update 2.0
Updated time ago lol, Added Barbarian, Tatoos, Sweaty Skin, BBP Etc
i think i'm not updating anymroe cbbe, except if much peope use it, because i dont like much cbbe
And added A Few Spells :D
Update 1.80
Updated Her Face, minos tweaks
Cbbe Version: BBP,Tan Lines,Wet,Sporty
Unp Version: BBP, Navetsea, Sweaty Body,UNPB
Btw, i the pictures she has bikini, the download version is Nude Version, so relax :P
Notify Me if u have an error, or runs good
Update 1.50
I updated 2 Updated Version
Unp=Navetsea Skin, Coverwomen Look3
Cbbe= BBP(Phsyics), Fitness Body- Sporty Sexy Wet Skin-Coverwomen Look 3
And changed Eyes colours
Now both are in temple of kynareth(anyways, u only can have 1 at the same time)
Update 1.20(again)
Now i Uploaded An Unp Version Isi, with same face, and navetsea textures
BTW, UNP Version is in Temple of Kynareth
Update 1.20
I Underpowered she a little, try to fix the npc for some persons, and she is now in The Winking Skeever on solitude
Update 1.00
Now she's Standalone Version, no other mods requires :D
Where is she?
She's In Temple of Kynareth, In Whiterun

OLD VIDEO, but she works like that, maybe not that OP haha

Thanks to All developers of these mods, and creation kit -Bethesa
Kalilies (KS Hairdos - Renewal)
lthot (Brows)
Groovtama (XPMSE)
expired6978 (Racemenu, Chargen, The ability to Copy Faces LOL)
TheOniNinja (Racemenu Overlays)
Creator of UUNP
datjellyman's (UUNP Custom Preset)(It is on another page)
Caliente(CBBE Body)
LogRaam (Eyes of Beauty)
Creator of UNPB Redux Project (XPMS)
SG Textures
apachii (Apachii Hair)
Brows of lthot