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Name: Start As Series (Female) - If your French you can go hear ->
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Skyrim
Author: IDzeroNo

Start As (Female) Orc , Dark Elf,
High Elf, Breton , Imperial ,
Khajiit , Nord , Argonian , Redguard
The player race in starting the game (selection will be etc.)
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[onorezdiLP06] I.Z. aka IDzeroNo - Patriots (October 17, 2013)

"@solpariah When you enter the New Game character creation screen, it will have whatever race you choose and female gender "highlighted" by default, rather than always being male Nord. So if you have a habit of sticking with a female argonian, you won't have to cycle through the races or change the gender, just use the Female Argonian file from this mod. You can still switch to male of another race and what-not, this is just what is highlighted at the start of character creation.

I've been looking for a mod like this, I greatly appreciate it. :D"

"@ZockProfi Its good for people who have a lot of hair mods and a bad computer.
My Skyrim crashed on my old laptop when i tried to switch the gender."

"@Wolfenjaeger when you start the game new game and you go to pick your char's race it will be one of these selections. instead of you scolling up or down. "

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Pick only one are the one in last order will overwrite.
Change Log
1.0 - Initial release.

Credits and thanks
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

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