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Added: 04/12/2012 - 12:40AM
Updated: 08/05/2014 - 01:02PM

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Last updated at 13:02, 8 May 2014 Uploaded at 0:40, 4 Dec 2012

This is a complete new set of retexture for the Nightshade armor.
It will replace both the black & red version with a brown and white furred texture!
I started on this retexture because I wanted it to match with the Fur Hoods HD, so it would look like a matching set.
This is just a texture replacer, not standalone! Meaning you need to download the original mod first!

I originally wanted to keep this for myself, since in the first attempt of this retext, I used the texture of the Fur hoods HD, but after few handful people liked it enough, I decided to publish it after gaining permission from Calyps & Northborn of course. But before the permission was giving for the hood textures, I started on my own building one up from scratch, just in case! Meaning, there are now two different set of texture types you can pick off.

V E R S I O N . 1
This version contains both white and brown furred textures that I have build from scratch.
I tried to make it match with the fur hoods as much as possible, but there are still a slightly color difference.

V E R S I O N . 2
This version contains like the other one as well, a brown and white furred texture,
only this version, the textures from Fur Hoods HD are used, to match 100% with the hoodies.

A L T E R N A T I V E . L E G G I N G S
As you can see in the pictures, the alternative legging is more a cotton texture instead of fur.
I made this extra version because of two reasons. Reason 1, the fur leggings has an un-repeating pattern, thus leaving a slightly seam at the V area and at the buttock part. Reason2, basically the seaming is not that very visible, but there might be people out there who might get annoyed with it, so that’s why I made a alternative texture of it, that blends perfectly.

F E A T U R E D . O N
S K Y R I M . M O D S . W E E K L Y

W O R K . I N . P R O C E S S
Chainmail edition - Preview is up.

F U T U R E . P L A N S
Fur leggings 99% seamless.
Broken Leggings (holes everywhere!)

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F . A . Q / F A C T S

Q: Does this supports UNPB BBP?
A: No it does not.

Q: I'm using the regular UNP body, not UNPB!
A: Basically UNP users can use this as well, the only thing is,
when your character equip the armor it will make her boobies bigger.

Q: The fur leggings has this weird seams, will you eventually blend/fix it?
A: ATM no, i am not that skilled yet. If it bothers you that much then use the alternative ones.

Q: Where to get the war paint/Body paint?
A: Nowhere, it's a personal mod! But do not fear, i am currently working on a similar
body paint mod for a body paint mod pack in collaboration with a few other great people here ;)

Northborn for his Fur Hoods textures.
Calyps For his wonderful nightshade armor.